2021/2022 Election: Palmville Children School Set to Conduct Prefect Election

As a way of of educating young pupils on how to actively participate in and have a change of governance now and in the future, Palmvile Children School, Gowon Estate, Ipaja, Lagos, has set a good pace by organizing an election for the School’s intending Prefects.

The aspirants in the upcoming polls will on Monday, 25th of October, deliver their nanisfestos to the hearing of the management, staff and pupils.

According to the School’s Head Mistress, Mrs. Mercy Eyibio, this is done to further educate the young minds about Democratic System of Government, where the majority wins.

The intended School Prefects have started campaigning by posting banners showing their names, pictures and aspiring positions.

Meanwhile, the Head Teacher further reiterated that having elections in the School would also build confidence in the youngsters.

“The aspirants have been duly screened and are all qualified to fill in the Positions and lead in the School”. The head teacher stated.

In the upcoming elections, there are twenty seven aspirants contesting for eleven positions and the election is slated for 26th of October, 2021 within the School premises.

Parents are welcome to monitor the electoral process and cheer their children on; subsequently the elected prefects will be duly sworn into office by Barrister Kenneth Akpomuka.

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