68 Newly Promoted Customs Officers Decorated in Seme

By Sandra Chukwunyere

The Seme border of Nigeria Customs Service has decorated newly promoted 68 Officers with their new ranks.

Speaking at the brief ceremony which took place at the Nigeria Customs,  Seme border post, Lagos State, on Tuesday, the Customs Area Controller ( CAC), Comptroller Bello Mohammed Jibo said  said, the promoted Officers consist of:
Two Officers were elevated to the rank of Comptrollers, three promoted to the rank of Deputy Comptroller (DC) and two others to Assistant Comptroller of Customs (AC) Thee Officers were promoted to Chief Superintendent of Customs (CSC), 10 to Superintendent of Customs (SC),29 to the  rank of Deputy Superintendent of Customs (DSC), 12 to the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Customs (ASC) and five to Assistant 11
Jibo charged the decorated Officers to put in their responsibilities into the system by working harder to justify their promotions.

DC Okonmah decorated by Comptroller Mohammed Jibo and Comptroller of Immigration at Seme border.

He said “promotion improves the morale of Officers, stimulates efficiency and provides advancement to deserving Officers”.
He urged the Officers to stand their grounds to improve and not to disappoint themselves and the Customs service management.

“We are congratulating you today, I pray that you will not give us the opportunity to chastise you tomorrow because promotion demands more responsibility from you.

“Your actions now are expected to be more proactive. Simple mistakes will not be tolerated. Some of you have entered the management level, so there are certain things that you have to do away with since you have this promotion.

Though Promotion comes from God, when you are uplifted,it means that they want you to show more commitments to the Service.

For those who are not promoted,it doesn’t not mean the newly promoted Officers are better than you. Promotion comes from God.

Almighty chooses those He wants to elevate. If you don’t get today,it does not mean that you won’t get tomorrow”, he added.

Mr Steve Okonmah, newly promoted Deputy Comptroller of Customswwho spoke on behalf of those decorated, expressed appreciation to the Controller General, Hamed Ali, and his management team for giving them the privileges and opportunity to secure promotion in the Services.

On his part, Barr.Basiriyu Laisisi, ANLCA chairman,Seme border charged the newly promoted Officers to discharge their duties diligently.

Lasisi urged them not to see their promotions as an opportunity for them to relax and misbehave,charging them to work hard in discharging their duties.

The Public Relations Officer of the Command,Mr Hussain Abdulahi also was promoted to the new rank of Deputy Superintendent of customs(DSC) thanked the management, said, the promotion would motivate him to put in more effort in the discharge of duty.O

In attendance were Comptroller of Immigration, Official from NAFDAC,the Officer in charge of Port Health Services (PHS) Seme border and other Stakeholders.

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