Missing Master Chidera Returns Home Amidst Jubilation

Master Chidera Eluagu

By Ambrose Okehi

Remember the missing Chidera John Eluagu, who was declared missing some weeks?
The first son of Mr. Nnaemeka Eluagu who got missing and was declared so by the Nigerian Police has been found is now with the family in Magbon area of Badagry Lagos.

Recall, master John Chidera Eluagu, was said to had followed his mother, grandmother and other family members to a crusade at the Lord Chosen Charismatic Renewal Movement, Ijesha, Lagos for their last month’s national crusade but got missing when he was said to had gone to urinate (though, accompanied by his direct mother, Mrs. Chinwendu Eloagu), and yet got mussing due to the large crowd at attended Chisen’s national retreat organised the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Movement at Ijesha, along Apapa/Oshodi Expressway, Lagos.

We earlier reported that after frantic search by the parents and the church members and their security men, all the efforts couldn’t yeild any result as at then and the matter was reported to police at Okota Police station and Orile among others. And since then the family and the biological parents have not rested as they were going from place to another looking for their son.

But to the glory of God, the missing boy has been found and he right now back and has since joined his family.
According to the boy’s father, Mr. Nnaemeka Eluagu, a partent medicine dealer based in the Magbon area of Badagry, Lagos State, wuo confirmed that to News Emperor said his son was picked up by good Samaritan whom he identified as Mrs. Lola and another woman who assisted her from the General Hospital, Lagos Island, who assisted her to accompany him to his grandmother house at Orile area of Lagos before his father was called.

While speaking with Magazine amidst joy, happiness and jubilation, the father, Mr. Eluagu thanked those who had rallied round him and his family since they heard about the urgly incident.

The trained chemist (Mr. Eleagu) told News Emperor that his son told him that a vehicle knocked him down and that the driver took him to him hospital and after treatment the driver dropped him in front of General hospital from where woman (a good sameritan) whom he was begging for money to eat, interogated him finally decided to dig deeper his problem and find out where he came from pleaded with the second woman to help her accompany him home.

That it was after Mrs. Lola’s series of interogations and understanding of the boy’s plight that she concluded to take him but had plead with the other woman who later agreed.

She said could carry Chidera to his location alone but because she didn’t know the place very well but she can take care of their transport fare  for three of them to Orile and that was how the two women took Chidera to Orile, his grandma’s house.

Though the boy has fracture and other bruises on his left a d right hands and on his face, but the father said that doesn’t matter so far he has seen his son who was missing alive. He is at the moment thanking God for this wonderful miracle of seeing his son alive.

“The traumatised 17 year old boy was able to remember the name of his grandmother’s street name and when they reached Orile they took bike to the street and with discription he gave they immediately located  the street and immediately the street people sighted him on Okada, there was jubilation all over and people gathered and the jubilating crowd went and alerted his grandmother who came out with a shoutvof joy, screaming and thanking God as she embraced him.

Recounting all that has just happened concerning the missing but now found boy, pastor Okehi A.K.O Mission for Souls Church Magbon who has been with them in prayers over that now reminded the father that all was just the handwork of God.

He said: “What of if the driver had hit the boy and drove away away? The boy would have bled and bled with or without help  and nobody would have known what happened.  Again, if the driver had not decided to do what he did by taking him to the hospital in the first place, who would have known what next. It is just God according to Romans 8:28.”

The pastor who had already prayed and assured the father that God will bring his son back alive also assured Mr. Eluagu that the same God, who did not allow the driver to run away or abandon his son at the spot of his  bleeding at the spot if the point of the accident, will perfectly heal every wound both seen and unseen one’s as well as the fracture, urging Me.

Eluagu not to bother himself about the fracture and wounds the boy sustained as a result of the accident, that God is a Great healer, that He will surely take of e everything.
“My brother, you don’t need to bother yourself, the God who did not allow the driver to abandon him in his pool of blood will perfect the remaining things about your son.

“The same God who did not allow him to die through the accident will perfect every other thing that is not good in the boy’s life, and make them alright,” the pastor assured him.

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