CGC Strike Force zone ‘A’ Records Massive Onslaught Against Smugglers

Coordinator,GGC’s Strike Force Team ‘A’,Deputy Comptroller, Ahmadu Shuaibu addressing Newsmen

By Sandra Chukwunyere

Smugglers within the Western/Lagos axis of the Customs formation are currently counting losses as men and Officers under Zone ‘A’ of the CGC’s Strike Force gave dealt a heavy blow on them in their nefarious business deals.

The GGC’s Strike Force Team ‘A’ under the supervision of Deputy Comptroller, Ahmadu Shuaibu confronted these notorious smugglers, battled them to a standstill and confiscated all the smuggled items.

According to a statement made available to the Newsmen, it was noted that the team ‘A’ had remained dogged in its resolve to combat smuggling within the South-West Zone. 
The determination of Strike Force Team ‘A’ is to checkmate and seriously deal with these evil men called smugglers, who are desperately trying to subvert the revenue that is meant for the Federal Government of Nigeria.

This, the statement noted, they are going through the concerted and deliberate efforts of its Officers to ensure  that goods that were positioned for export are not in contravention of the export prohibition guidelines and if they are ,they will be intercepted.

Shuaibu said that the intercepted items contravene “HS Codes 4101.2000.00 – 4108.9200.00 for donkey hides and skin and Schedule 6 of the Common External Tariff (CET) for unprocessed woods.

The team’s coordinator further pointed out that”The export prohibition guideline is in tandem with the Federal Government’s policies for the protection of endangered species, protection of the local economy and promotes the National Forest Policy that was approved by the Federal Executive Council; aimed at greatly assisting the nation’s sustainable management of its vast forest resources against deforestation.

While commenting on the seized items the Coordinator said: “In the course of duty, the following goods were seized; 1,372 bags of foreign parboiled rice (25kg each), 5x20ft containers of unprocessed logs of wood, 2x40ft (12,500 pieces) containers of donkey hides and skin, 6x40ft & 1x20ft (3,891 sacks) containers of charcoal, 229 sacks of shoes, 167 pieces of used tyres and 1 unit of Mazda bus; with a cumulative duty paid value of N643,727,837.00.”

Making review of the short period the team has worked, the Coordinator observed that:”For the period of time the Coordinator took over the mantle of leadership of the Team, the sum of N3,001,226,794 was collected as revenue through issuance of demand notices. This feat was achieved through meticulous documentary checks by the ICT component. 

The Coordinator, while addressing the press appealed to importers and exporters to be compliant with the extant laws and make honest declarations.

He however, warned recalcitrant importers/exporters and their agents that his Officers would sustain their tempo in enforcing compliance,” the statement reads.

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