By Sandra Chukwunyere

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)is working harder to end all problems and fears associated with high ricks on Nigerian bound cargoes as a result of insurgency in the country, saying the international shipping community should have a rethink over their stand on Nigeria what they called War Risk Insurance (WRI), which has been attracting high insurance premiums for Nigerian bound cargoes.

The Director General, NIMASA, Dr. Bashir Jamoh made this known at the press conference on Friday  in Lagos.
Jamoh reiterated his call on international community to re-examine the war risk insurance imposed on Gulf of Guinea-bound ships, saying  maritime security conditions in the region have declined drastically in the last few months.

“We therefore invite the international shipping community to have a rethink over the issue of War Risk Insurance on cargoes bound for our ports”
Nigeria has demonstrated enough commitment towards tackling maritime security to avert such premium burden”.He also explained  that the Deep Blue Project is going on as planned as assets has been installed.

DG noted that the Deep Blue Project which is anchors on good governance, maritime security and maritime development, assuring that they have taken the issue of maritime security as one of their priorities and working seriously towards achieving that.

He said under the deep blue project,  that the agency has procured three Armored vehicles for the land use, three aircrafts for air surveillance and Two Sea Going Machines for the Waterways. They are all designed to take intelligence information the necessary data to the C4i centre.

NIMASA boss said, all are to tackle any emergency or unforeseen circumstance.The provision of the integrated maritime security architecture was “to help combat these maritime criminalities that hinder the security of crew members”

DG however said that all the institutions for deep blue project is funded by the Nigerian government and not through loan and that the agency, unlike before is now collaborating with the Nigerian Navy and other agencies ensuring that the project works perfectly.

He identified the Deep Blue Project launched by President Muhammadu Buhari in June as a major effort by the government to curb the hazards of seafaring.

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