By Ambrose Okehi

In a time like this, when anxieties are everywhere, at a critical and crisis period like this when a body like the Lagos State Council of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) is passing through difficult time, a man that has what it takes to move the union forward to the next level is what the council needed. It needs a man of high pedegre. A man with integrity and the competence to lead and deliver.
A leader that has what it takes to lead a big union like NUJ, Lagos State Council. And that personality is found in the person of Comrade Adeleye Ajayi.
No wonder the maritime industry is  in agog. The industry including the Journalists, the Agencies in that sector and the entire stakeholders in that community are all celebrating the victory of Mr. Ajayi at the last council’s election where Ajayi defeated Dr. Qasim Akirinti to emerge as a winner.
Yes, the maritime  industry and it’s stakeholders are currently in a euphero of celebration and jubilation following the emergence of this humble and cool headed and well calculative leader, Comrade Ajayi as the  current Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Lagos State Council.
Comrade Ajayi was vigorously supported and unanimously voted for by many including the maritime reporters during the last NUJ’s election where Comrade Ajayi won.
Ajayi had led as the President Maritime Reporters’ Association of Nigeria (MARAN) ,still holding the membership of that great association, MARAN and has won the Lagos NUJ Council electolion with 370 votes against  Dr. Akinrenti who geanered 68 votes.
Comrade Ajayi is a well grounded in maritime reporter of some decades. He has actually put in decades of in-depth reportage of maritime industry, it’s issues and stakeholders if that industry.
Leye as many fondly call him, is a man that gives all to the issue of leadership and anything he sets his mind to do. That was seen during his time as MARAN President. This is so because he is blessed with leadership qualities and is willing to work and has really displayed that in various ways.
The New NUJ Chairman, Lagos State Council is a good jully fellow, a detribalized man and an easy going simple young man, who sees his colleagues and every other person as one.
Leye is a trouble shooter and no time for pride  arrogance. His simplicity is not questionable not takes anything from him as he is always tactical in his dealings. A corporate and down to earth comrade, a guy who understands how others feel and demonstrates his empathy at all time.
The new Lagos NUJ   Chairman,Comrade Ajayi is also a man of integrity and has the capacity to deliver. He does not discriminate  and sees everybody as his brother and sister whether Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa that doesn’t matter to him.
Recall that though the election was scheduled for the first time and was later postponeded  for one reason or the other and yet as a patient he waited for God’s time.And this the right (God’s) time for him. The cap fits him.
The newly elected Lagos State Council’s Chairman, who was declared a winner by Mr. Cosmos Oni, the NUJ Vice President, Zone ‘B’, the Returning Officer is ever ready to do his iob. And there is no doubt over that. 
Mr. Oni  had charged him and his executive members to be united and also interested unite the agrivieved members of the the union.
“I have a message from the national body that you lose focus nor be distracted. Now that you have won, try and unite all members and work together for the progress of the council. “Today is a fantastic day and we are happy to have conducted. I have to thank all journalists in Lagos State for allowing this electolion to go on peacefully. The Election is free, fair and credible, Mr. Oni said.
Further in his acceptance speech, the elated Comrade Ajayi discribed his victory in election as the handwork of the Amighty God.
According to him, “We thank everyone who has supported us and vote into power based their balief on us. And because we can lift the union mostly from it’s present doldrums. We salute those who share our dreams and aspirations as well as vision and goals.
“In the course of our electioneering campaign, we made some promises which we assure you shall be fulfilled. since has expected and has had high hopes over.There is no doubt on whether Ajayi will deliver. He will surely deliver. My Presido! Carry goo!I wish you well.

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