By Sandra Chukwunyere

Mr.Emmanuel Maiguwa Gankino, an aspirant for the post of president  Alumni Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron,  (AMANO) has promised to work towards the growth of the institution if elected.

Maiguwa who is currently the association’s General Secretary, among others  also pledged to use his position to transform the academy to international standard, bring the vision of AMANO to reality and restructure the association to a force to reckon with.

While acknowledging that AMANO has been on a progressive path, he stated that it was yet to meet it’s target of becoming a key stakeholder in the  Maritime community  and  that with him as the president, the association will get to that enviable height.

He said that his administration will institute a framework whereby the association will positively influence the Alma mater to promote academic excellence which will help to produce quality graduates that can compete with their peers nationally and internationally.

  His words, ”My plan is for the academy to become “Torch Bearer” ,that beacon hope to the cadets passing through the Academy system, giving them a platform for growth and development”
“Secured audience with National Assembly House committee on Maritime safety and education to discuss and present AMANO position on upgrading MAN Oron to a degree Awarding institution”.
“I will be placed in good stead to drive this vision as the President of AMANO”.
” I am not here to destroy what has been built, neither am I here to build a new AMANO that will be discrediting the efforts of my predecessors. 

” I have also not come to you with enticing words of promises as this to me is not a polItIcal adventure. 
“My goal is to leverage on the existing structure to transition the association to its next phase in its strive for excellency”, he said.
Gankino pointed out that as the General Secretary, he has worked hard to transform the AMANO Secretariat and serving amidst a National Executive Committee (NEC) was ablet to”collate the national database of registered  AMANO members, ‘Successfully organised various AMANO stakeholder conferences, and established communication channel with MAN Oran for the purpose of tabling ex Cadet registry matters”.The AMANO election comes up on 28, November,2020.

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