CRFFN Leadership:Agents, Practitioners To Exercise Patient – Says Nwosu

By Maritime Security News

The members of the Association of Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) chapter of the Association have called Customs brokers and freight forwarders as well as other operators in the maritime industry to exercise patience and allow enough time for the leadership of Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN), led by Barr. Sam Nwakaohu, saying the leadership is coming Learning the ropes and that things will soon normalize for practitioners in the Freight Forwarding procession soon.
The association also advised the parties particularly ANLCA, NAGAFF and the regulatory body, CRFFN should sit down on a round table and sort things by themselves instead of allowing this type of minor things to deprive the group of numerous benefits derivable from the council and the sector.
The interim Chairman of ANLCA, MMIA chapter Comrade …..Nwosu who stated this during an interview in his office at airport chapter, Ikeja, Lagos on Tuesday during an interview with News Emperor magazine, saying we should give them chance to do their  best.
“Just like I told you, we are trying to give them chance. Also like Nigeria is giving APC second Chance. We are giving them second Chance. Just like before, ANLCA does not accept them but they have come to reason with us.Taking about the leadership of CRFFN, it can be changed at anytime. It is just like in Nigeria now where people (Nigerians) are crying for it’s leadership, and it for us having Patience. Because anything that goes up must surely come down,” Comrade  assured.
He said that is the only solution for whatever operators thinking about the Council for now.”You know, some people there don’t know the terrain, they don’t know how it work”.He regretted that had freight forwarders are the ones piloting the affairs of the council, it would have been a different ball game. They brought somebody to lead the council, if the person does not know everything, but as time goes on, maybe he will begin adjust.”
On the issue they agents are having with Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), the interim Chairman said they making progress in resolving the crisis.”We are still working on our usual ways. Maybe they are still waiting for directives from Above. Last time, they said that the directive has not come. Maybe they are still waiting for it. But we’re still operating in our usual ways. If you ask them, they may say this or that but the truth is that. But people are carrying out their normal operational services on daily basis,” the chairman said.
Speaking on the much-talked-about 100 per cent Compliance Team, the ANLCA chieftain noted that the”It is just like a new born baby. It started newly. By the grace of God the are doing well and after we will begin to see the goodness of it. You know? Because anything that started well must end well. But now we can’t say it will hold or not hold. If there are areas where they will amend let them amend. But right now, we cannot say whether they are to go or not. The major thing now is that freight forwarder should support the team,” Nwosu said.
On the declaration of the team as illegal, including the latest ANLCA’S own taskforce, the chairman said: “Even the ANLCA’s own? That is why I said things have fallen apart and the center cannot hold anymore. ANLCA, NAGAFF and CRFFN should work as a time. They should revolve within themselves. They should see themselves as one not enemies. Until they sit down and sort things out by themselves, nothing will change. And we cannot move forward.Attachments area.

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