Coronavirus: ANLCA Closes National Secretariat

President, ANLCA, Mr Tony Iju Nwabunike

By Maritime Security News

In reaction to the Coronavirus threat, the Association of Nigerian Licensed Custom Agents (ANLCA) has shut down its secretariat.

According to a statement signed by President of ANLCA,
Tony Iju Nwabunike, it has become apparent. Covid-19 is not only ravaging our communities as we know it, but also destroying the world economy  while activities at the Wharf has been scaled down to an all time low.

He noted that  Covid-19 has stretched health facilities to a breaking point and challenged the very foundations of our way of living adding that Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics are getting infected and paying the ultimate price. 

“We have to obey instructions from all relevant authority. We have to avoid non essential travel. We have to keep to Social Distancing; by avoiding large gatherings and close physical contact with people. We have to regularly wash our hands with soap and water as often as possible or use ethanol based hand sanitizers as well,” the president declared

Most importantly, he advised freight forwarders to submit themselves to NCDC if they notice any covid -19 symptom in them or loved ones as it could potentially save countless lives.

According to Nwabunike, the good news is that covid-19 is not temperature resistant and so drinking of very warm water is advisable as well as taking suana warm water bath twice daily adding that warm water bath has been identified as a fighting tool to fight infection.

Also the president said, the ancient method of taking care of malaria, fever and flu by inhaling steam from boiled water while ones head is covered with quilt or blanket for 15 minutes until one sweats has equally been identified as necessary therapy that may keep covid-19 away.
He advised that all the members should stay at home. Avoid gatherings of any sort, he prayed that the Almighty Father will spare us and the lives of our family members.

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