*** ANLCA Reacts,Says It is Insensitivity on The Part of The Lagos State Government

Sandra Chukwunyere and Ambrose okehi

The latest ban of commercial motorcyclists and keke Marwa on some major expressways in Lagos by the Lagos State Government has hit the port operators in the maritime industry of the Nigerian economy as a bombshell.

The ban which kicked on February 1, 2020 was seen by the operators in the maritime sector as a wrong discussion of the government to Lagos State and was done at the wrong time. Saying is a discussion taken without proper consultations with the masses.

While blaming the state government for taking such rash decision without considering the plight of the masses, the Vice President of the Association Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Dr. Kayode Farinto who lamented what the recent directive of the Lagos State government has caused the operators on the shipping industry, also said that the state government has failed those that voted them into power.

Recalling what the APC-led state government promised the Okada riders during the electioneering campaign, he said: “What the Lagos Governor promises us during the electioneering campaign. He does not promised to review the issue of Okada and even make sure that they are protected. Do you call this protection? Masses are the ones that will suffer it.”

He even said that those working within Apapa area (the seaport area) particularly the freight forwarder are the ones that will suffer it most.

“My members are the ones that will suffer it the most. How do we even get our cargoes cleared out of the port? The Federal Government has not even fixed the roads. And the Lagos State Government is coming up with the ban on Okada?

Speaking to newsmen on the issue at the press briefing held at Maritime Reporters Association of Nigeria (MARAN) International Press Centre, Apapa, Lagos on Monday, Dr.Farinto who is also a governing member of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN), noted that the government has failed the masses that elected them into power.

Recall that the state government recently announced the ban on Motor Cycles operators popularly  called Okada riders tricycle riders (Keke) in 15 LGA , major highways bridges across the Lagos State which kicked of since February 1,2020.

Ever since the commencement of the enforcement of the law in the state, there have been massive reaction from the masses including the operators them.  Majority of the Lagosians are saying this is not the right time to take such drastic decision as most of the major roads and highways they are saying the Okada should not ply are not yet fixed before banning Okada which has been the only means of transportation for the people of Lagos state.

“Even it is even affecting tricycle. Gentlemen, I think we are going to sit down and look at how these things are going to affect us at the ports as operators.

Dr. Farinto apart from the Okada ban  government of APC which he said they are not in any way considering what the masses are suffering at the present time in the port industry in particular, equally lamented that the 7.5 per cent on Value Added Tax (VAT) is another thing that may affect their operations at the present time.

“Today now they have started the implementation of VAT. Apart from the invoice I collected on Friday, ordinarily it don’t supposed to affect it but they said, we cannot pay because the implementation commenced on February 1, 2020. We now went for a new invoice which is affecting us because of the new Federal Government’s policy on 7.5% VAT. Should we continue this way? Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) is unable to provide documents (SONCAP) for importers .”

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