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20 years ago, a woman, a mother and a humble but virtuous wife (the-Proverbs-31-woman), joined her visionary and fearless husband to planted a seed (a tree) and that seed or tree has since germinated, grown and is been bearing fruits (not just fruits but great and wonderful fruits). Yes, that same tree or seed is not just only bearing only fruits, but also providing shelter to a lot of people, being a source of livelihood to thousands and as well seen like a tree of life to numerous others who life stories would have been bad and sorrowful but turned out like that of Jabez who rejected such lifestyle in 11 Chronicles 4: 9-12.
That wonderful, courageous, and a merchant vessel like woman is who leaned her fearless husband her last saving and life earning as a token (as a loan) that saw to commencement of what is today known and has become N A G A F F, a one, united family and worldwide phenomenon.
That woman with such large heart like that of a man is no other than the beautiful and homely wife of the founder of NAGAFF, Chief (Mrs.) Bridget Aniebonam.
Speaking to newsmen at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos on Sunday, Mrs. Aniebonam pointed out that the journey so far has not been an easy one but a rough and tough journey.
“My name is Mrs. Bridget Ifenyinwa Aniebonam.”
On how God has led them in this journey, she said:”To God be the glory for what He has done for my immediate family and NAGAFF family has been so great and we cannot thank Him enough.
She continued, “because 20 years ago nobody agreed that this big association of today will stand. But by the special grace of God here we are today. And a year after the inauguration we were here for this same type of Thanksgiving service.And that is what we repeating again today.”
Recalling, how it all happened years back, she said: “20 years after and we are all here.Sadly, many have gone and that is to the glory of God. It an association that is different from other associations.”
When as to talk about her sacrificial seed to great association, she declined but grudgingly said: “That is to the glory of God” she concluded.Attachments areaReplyForward

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