Jamoh Taking CIoTAN To Next Level, Ready To Chart New Course For Transportation Industry

Dr Bashir Jamoh, DG NIMASA

… As Institute Empowered to Establish CORTRANSP

The National President of the formal institute of Transportation Administration Nigerian(CIoTAN) now the Chartered Institute of Transportation Administration Nigeria (CIoTAN) Dr Bashir Jamoh is really taking the institute to the next level. 

The institute under the ever committed president (Jamoh) is currently charting a new course of ensuring that the nation embraces all modes of transport so as to make the industry functional again. 

Based on the new status of the new status of the CIoTAN, the body is now empowered to establish what will be known as the Council for the Regulation of Transportants ( CORTRANSP) a body meant to regulate the practitioners and their practices in the country.

 By this ,the institute is empowered through the new Act 2019 establishing it , to regulate and control the practice and business of transportation in Nigeria.

 According to the national president, “ We have also been powers to regulate and control the practice of professional transport management and administration in all its ramifications through the establishment of Council for Regulation of Transportants (CORTRANSP)”

 Speaking at the recently organized National Press Conference put together by the institute, the National President, Dr Bashir Jamoh appreciated the efforts of the lawmakers and the number one citizens in passing and signing the institute’s Bill into law thanked them for their efforts, while promising that his management team and him will do their best in moving the transport sector of this nation forward.

The president as well told the maritime journalists at that first national press conference held at Rockview Hotel Apapa, Lagos in July 8, 2019 that the institute is poised at ensuring that all the modes of transport are put in place, maintaining that they will commence the process of putting all the modes of transportation into use like the pipeline, the inland waterways transportation to aid the over laboured road mode transportation. The national event which came along with the institute’s National Council Meeting (NCM) on the same day, came with the theme : “Charting The New Course For The Nigerian Transportation Sector As The Nation’s Flagship Professional Body Following The Recently Attained Charter Status “ as it also presented an opportunity for the members to have face chat with the media men and informed them of the new status the institute has attained, how they will go about their new responsibilities and how the institute would take it upon itself to chart a new ways and new course for the nations’s transportation system. 

Speaking further, Jamon who is also the current Executive director Finance and Administration at the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) expressed happiness over the passage and signing of the bill establishing the institute of Transport Administration Nigeria , which was charged the institute with the responsibility of advancing the training and practice of transport administration in Nigeria by the National Assembly and its subsequent signing of it into law by president Muhammadu Buhari on the April 24, 2019. 

 The institute equally used the opportunity to play the video clips of the institute’s documentry, which on the process illustrated the role the institute have been playing since its inception and mostly since the coming in of the president leadership led by Dr. Jamoh.

 They also presented the new Act 2019 to the members of press using the opportunity to inform them that the institute will without delay commence the process of implementing the content of the new law to see that the transportation system in Nigeria works.

A peep into the newly signed Act, in part one section A of the Act, which talks about the functions and powers of the institute is by new Act 2019, is empowered to “organize and conduct examinations and award professional certificates and diplomas, from time, in transport and other subjects related to the profession for the purpose of admitting members to the Institute , enhancing their status therein, and issue membership certificates to persons admitted”     

It further states in section two of the same part one that the institute will organize and conduct seminars, workshops, conferences and research in all aspects of transport management and administration, and provide professional training for persons aspiring to qualify and practice as Chartered transportant in Nigeria 

And the section C states that the institute from this time “ secures the professional status and does all such things as may be necessary to promote the interest of its members and  advancement of the art and science of transport, knowledge and efficiency in transport management and administration in the public and private sector of the Nigerian economy”

With the newly signed Act, the Institute is empowered to “ acquire and hold such movable and immovable property as may be necessary or expedite for putting into effect the provision of this Act, “ demand and receive from any course participant,student member of the institute such fees as the Institute may prescribe, “have power to recognize and affiliate with any university or other tertiary institutions for the purpose of offering degree programmes and “ have powers to regulate and control the practice of professional transport management and administration in all its ramifications through the establishment of Council for the Regulation of Tranportants CORTRANSP)”  

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