New Antics Of Smugglers who Conceal Contraband in Dead Bodies

CGC Col Hammed Ali(Rtd)

Nigeria were recently dumbfounded when they suddenly woke up few 

month ago to heard and read the story of how smugglers are trying 

their  best and doing everything humanly possible to outsmart the eyed

officers and men of the Nigeria customs Service (NCS) who are on patrol

most of the time by concealing hard substances like cocaine,marijuana etc .in dead bodies just to ensure that they smuggle it across the borders    

This sounds funny and like a tale from the blues, but it is real and happening. Nigeria of today business men of these days, are ready to do anything in the name of money.But the most dangerous aspect of it is that people don’t fear God anymore.How would people go to such extent

of doing such sacrilege just to make millions of money without respect for the dead? In Africa it is assumed that we respect the dead.But from this scenario,men of the dead conscience have jettisoned that. Nigerian 

desperate business men (smugglers) go extents of hiding these substances in dead bodies and load them alongside with the dead bodies trying ferry them across the borders in ambulances, as if they are conveying corpses of their loved ones who they claim have died overseas. The reason behind this devilish way of business may not be far from the fact that.In side sources  close to this medium hinted that dead bodies attract zero duty payment in Nigeria but it is not so in other 

countries of the world. To ferry a corpse from any part of the world to Nigeria cost a lot of money. Even some notorious smugglers even go to the extent of wearing white gowns,disguising themselves pretending to be either clergies,sabbath or celestial worshipers without one knowing they are smugglers who have concealed one form of harmful objects, dangerous drugs and even weapons.At Gbaji checkpoint along Seme Badagry expressway these evil men known as smugglers played out the same antics when they tried to ferry a harmful pack of cocaine under the dead body’s coffin well rapped in an ambulance conveying same from Ghana to Seme entering Lagos or wherever but were intercepted by able officers at Gbaji checkpoint who mounted serious road block there.   However,it looks embarrassing an Un -African for one to stop an search and search an incoming ambulance conveying a dead body. But the incident at Gbaji few months ago proved these men to be foolish enough in their antics  as the officers and men who seriously deliberated over checking and searching the vehicle but finally flagged the vehicle down caught them red-handed .This was possible because one of the top officers there insisted that these men can do anything and ensured that the vehicle was stopped and searched.But at the end,he was proved right.The said officer was said to have had similar experiences at both airports and other places. There is another case where it was discovered on the process of stop and search that smugglers opened the belly of a dead man removed all the intestines and every other organ and buried a heavy load of cocaine inside the dead body and packaged it in a coffin to ferry  it across the borders but were caught by the smart officers of the Nigeria customs.We therefore at NEWS EMPEROR,wish to commend such gallant officers at Gbaji who were able to detect and discover                   the deadly antics of smugglers within the axis.We also want to         advice that in security parlance,everyone around you is a suspect until he/she is proved otherwise.So,keep it up men  and officers of the Nigeria Custom Service,Seme.

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