Nigerian Navy is Working Hard To Police Waterways – Commander Bassey

Commander Tony Bassey, Deputy Defence Attache Nigerian Embassy

By Sandra Chukwunyere

The Deputy Defence Attache to Nigerian Embassy at Republic of Benin, Commander Tony Bassey, has said that Nigerian Navy is Working hard to Improve security at waterways.
Commander Bassey who works directly with the Nigerian Ambassador to Benin Republic, Amb. Emmanuel Oguntuase, disclosed this exclusively to Maritime Security News online.
This, he said, improves daily operations at the nation’s seaports, even as the cost of doing business in Nigeria is equally said to be the highest within the West and Central Africa. 
According to Bassey, ‘The Nigerian Navy is working tirelessly to police the nation’s territorial waters as their main job. They are doing their best to provide security within our waterfront while defending the nation’s territorial waters”.
He went on, “Our waterways gives great concern because people supposed to move freely on our waters, most especially between Benin Republic and Nigeria. Over time, we have noticed illegal drug trafficking, piracy, illegal movement of petroleum products and illegal movement of people across Benin and Nigeria.
 “The security forces and agencies along the borders are really working. They are doing their best to checkmate these illegalities at the waterways. The Nigerian Navy in particular patrols on the waters and other coastal regions, while cooperating with marine Police to patrol the inland waterways”.
On his job description, he explained, “My work includes advisory role on issue that has to do with defence. We generally advise on defence, security and maritime issues to guide government on policy making for the interest of Nigeria”.
He pointed out, “There is need to bring such security information back home. We interface between them and Nigeria counterparts. As a result of this interface, we are able to facilitate good Military cooperation in form of training”.

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