Apapa Customs Records Impressive Revenue Performance

Apapa CAC, Comptroller Abba Kura displaying seized items

…Makes Ground Breaking Seizures of 29 Containers in Six Months 

By Sandra Chukwunyere & Ambrose Okehi

The Apapa Premier Command of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has recorded an impressive revenue performance between the months of January to June 2019.

The Command on Tuesday stated that it recorded within the months a total of Two Hundred and Three Billion, Two Hundred and Sixty-Four million, Fifty-four Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty-Two Naira, Nine Kobo (N2,203,264,054,682.69).   

This Command’s impressive revenue profile, according to the Customs Area Customs Controller (CAC),Comptroller Muhammed Abba-Kura, who stated that the figure represents 54.5 percent of the Annual Revenue Target of the Command also noted that this equally is worthy of mention as the premier port has a monthly target of thirty-one billion, forty-six hundred and fifty-five thousand, thirty-nine naira, twenty-five Kobo only (N31,046,655,039.35) and a yearly target of three hundred and seventy-two billion, five hundred and fifty-nine million, eight hundred and sixty thousand, four hundred and seventy-two naira, twenty-three kobo.     

Apapa CAC, Comptroller Abba-Kura (m) addressing Newsmen in Lagos today.

In a comparative analysis, CAC said, the figures or revenue collection of the Command between January-June 2018 and 2019 indicates an increase of twenty-six billion, five hundred and seven million, two hundred and ninety-eight thousand, five hundred and ten naira, twenty-four kobo (N372,507,298,510.24) only.

 Comptroller Abba-Kura said, collected the sum of one hundred and seventy-six billion, seven hundred and fifty-six million, seven hundred and fifty-six thousand, one hundred and forty-five naira fifty-five kobo (N176,756,756,145.55) in 2018 and that the increase in 2019 was because of their commitment to their duties and the extra efforts of the Command.

Giving a comparative breakdown of the revenue collection too, it shows that in the month of January 2018 collected the sum of N31,015,084,626.85 and N32,584,492,857.35 and in the month of February 2018 the Command made of total sum of N24,803,004,087.58 while in the same month in 2019 increased to N27,524,754,586.84. In month of March 2018 and 2019, the Apapa premier Command generated 28,930,348,477.86 and N34,608,441,792.22 respectively while it made the sum of N8,975,341,393.00 in the month of April of both years under review.

Also between the months of May and June of both years the command netted a total sum of N5,277,105,301.00 and N714,400,227.97.

This impressive performance, the CAC said that it was as a result of the adherence of the Officers to the professionalism through sensitization of Officers as to their responsibilities and the Command’s effort to work in line with the standard operational procedures for optimal revenue collection.

On export, the CAC said, the Command recorded a total of 95,229.15 metric tons of exported goods with Free On Board (FOB) value of $46,613,453.75 which is equivalent to N14,258,443,706.63 adding that most of the exported items through the Command were agricultural and mineral products.

On anti-smuggling drive of the Command, he noted that within the period under review, that the Command seized a total of 29 containers load of various items valued at N418,437,048 which were seized because of different offences.

He said, the command, the CAC informed is poised to facilitating legitimate trade at anytime  while he promised that they are doing all within their reach to ensure that members and officers of the command as well as critical stakeholders operating within their area got trained mostly on the latest NICIS II.     

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