ACG Bashir Hands Over To Abba Kura Amidst impressive Performance

**Intercepts 24 containers of tomato paste

By Sandra Chukwunyere

The former Customs Area Controller (CAC) and  now-promoted Acting Assistant Comptroller-General (ACG) Comptroller Abubarka Bashir has handed over the management to Comptroller Abba Kura.

ACG Bashir Abubakar, the immediate past Customs Area Controller of the premier port,  Apapa Command has on Monday handed over the Command to Comptroller Abba Kura ,was going with a full impression that he has performed excellently well within the period he piloted the affairs of the Command.

The Command’s last seizure of 24 containers of tomato paste brought into the country illegally was among the many grate feats he achieved at the Command.

Comptroller Bashir pleaded with the Officers and men of the Command as well as stakeholders to accord the new CAC the maximum  support as was accorded him within his stay at the Command.

The Command revenue from January to February 20I9  stood at Sixty Billion, One Hundred and Million, Tow Hundred and Forty Seven Four Hundred and Forty Four Naira, One Kobo (N60, I09,247,444.0I)

Comptroller Bashir noted that the great achievement in revenue of the Command was as s result of lull in business activities due to high expectation on the 2019 General Elections.
He said from that same compliance team were able seize 24 containers of Tomato Paste and Vegetable oil from same January till March I4 2019 when he handed over to Comptroller Abba Kura.
The Duty Paid Value (DPV) for the two items in 24 containers were Two Hundred Million, Eight Hundred and Sixty- Seven Thousand, One Hundred and twenty-Four Naira N Kobo (N200,867,I24.00).

The CAC did not only record huge revenue in import, he also recorded high in export as he told the newsmen that ”The export seat in the Command has also built an increased level of compliance in documentation. Within the period under review, the seat recorded exports with Free On Board (FOB) value of Seven Hundred and Sixty-Five Million, Three Thousand, Seven Hundred Naira No Kobo (765,300,700.00).”

While handing over, the out-going CAC said: ”At this juncture, let me introduce to you another Controller who is also known for his professionalism and leadership prowess transferred to take over from where I stopped. He is Comptroller Mohammed Abba-Kura, who before now was the Comptroller in charge of Post Clearance Audit (PCA) Zone A, Lagos.”

The out-gone Comptroller did not just recorded highly sounding figures in terms of revenue, he has also left an indelible mark on the sand of history for his deliberate and outright rejection of N150 Million Naira bribe offered to him by owners and importers of 40 by 40 containers of Tramadol which if allowed to have its way to the Nigeria would have result to more health and mental challenges to our youths due the abuse of the drugs.

According to a letter of award  by the Board of Maritime Media Ltd Publishers of Nigeria’s flagship Maritime journal, Shipping World, ” Bash” (as his colleagues call him), was singled out for an exemplary honour for bluntly rejecting a whooping sum of N150 Million Naira being bribe offered him to look the other way so that a  fourth footer contraband containers will find their ways into the Nigerian market.

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