Comptroller Asogwa Speaks More On The Closed Border

Comptroller of Seme Immigration Command, Dominic Asogwa

Comptroller Dominic Asogwa

***Commends CGIS  For Good Work

By Maritime Security News

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Seme Commander assuring immigrants  using the Seme border in the Western part of the country to bear with  them and ensure that they obey and comply with the Federal Government directives within the period of election,
from 12.00 noon of Friday, February 23 to 12.00noon to Sunday, February 25, 2019.

Compt. Asogwa and his boys at the border post.

The Comptroller of Seme Immigration Command, Dominic Asogwa while speaking exclusively with Maritime Security News said that the Seme border remains  closed within duration of the elections. People are already complying with this directives from the presidency.

video Compt. Dominic Asogwa speaking more on the closed border

On what will happen to those who were caught up with the timing and were not allowed to cross the border,  either from the Nigerian side or Benin side, he said that the law must take it course and that ignorant of the law is not an excuse.
”If there is any migrant who wants to cross within the closure time,I will advise them to better go back to where they are coming from, because if you open for one person, not only that you might end up opening for others but it is all about not complying with the law. 

He said ordinarily people supposed to hear about the directives for the closure of the border.

”As far as I am and other security agencies of the government are concerned, the directive is very clear. The comptroller equally  said that the Nigeria Immigration Service is a partner in progress vis -a -vis good governance.

On whether eligible Nigerians who were trying to cross over at the last minutes rush just to meet up and exercise their franchise, if they can be allowed to cross for that reason.
”That is a good question. Some people came here yesterday and asked me the same question.  But I told them that if there is anybody coming from Cotonou, Togo, Ghana etc tell them to come back before I2 noon. Some of them actually came and passed through immigration formalities and we admitted them”

He said that it would not be good for any Nigerian to  just come to test the capacity of our officers especially the officers of NIS in that regards.

    Comptroller Dominic Asogwa has also commended the Comptroller General of the Service, Compt. Muhammad Babadede for his good works, effective service delivery as well as welfare of officers and men of the Service.

Apart from being a committed, visionary and intelligent leader, Asogwa described the CGIS as a wonderful leader and also an  ICT guru.
In his words: “My Comptroller-General is a wonderful leader, an *ICT* guru and an infrastructural developer. But let me sum it up in this way. The developmental strives made within his tenure has surpassed the developmental strides of others since the Nigeria Immigration Service was created. What am I trying to say? That the development within the period he assumed office has surpassed whatever that is witnessed in Immigration Service”

Speaking further, the Seme Command Comptroller said: ”Are you aware of the  over N7billion technology village he is building at the Service Headquarters, Abuja.
It is being constructed by Julius Berger. They have started  already.” 
When asked if the current CGIS is the one that initiated it, he (Asogwa) said: ”It is no more about initiating it, he is implementing it. it is already under construction. It has passed the stage of initiation because it was approved by Federal Executive Council (FEC). So, he is wonderful as I earlier said.”

   In terms of staff welfare, he is doing his best too, despite the global economic challenges hence, not peculiar to Nigeria.

On inter agency collaboration,  Asogwa said that they( NIS) is not working in isolation but collaborates with other sister agencies whom they always cooperate with to achieve government directives particularly at this time of general elections.  I mean the critical security agencies of the government, here in Seme,we work like a family. They are but not limited to, the Nigeria Customs Service, the DSS, the Nigeria Police, SON, NAFDAC, NDLEA.
The Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Navy, the Air force  they are all involved. And that cooperation has been wonderful.

  As a matter of fact, the Customs Area Controller Seme Area Command,Comptroller Mohammed Uba directed that all security officers participating in the border closure monitoring exercise must be fed free of charge within the period of the elections.  
This shows wonderful synergy and cooperation among us here. Despite the fact that it falls under our purview to close the borders, but we have to carry others along.”

     Still talking of the inter-agency collaboration during this period of  election, he said that ”he had extended hands of fellowship to Commissioner of Police Benin Republic and the Comptroller of Customs there. ” we have a good deal of inter -departmental relationship, and we participate mutually in activities affecting the two countries .

Considering the enormous efforts the service is putting in combating transborder crime, Compt. Asogwa stated that ”thank God that you are attesting to the fact that with the efforts we are putting, transborder crime has reduced drastically, however it is difficult to stop transborder crime. Even in developed countries like USA,they are still struggling with trans border crime. That is why the president of U.S.A, Donald Trump is battling to build border wall within the Mexican axis. It is on this axis, we cannot say that it is completely wiped aware. As they are coming up with new tactics, we are on our own coming up with new strategies to counter and checkmate whatever tactics they maybe coming up with.”

   On capacity building or what maybe called training and retraining of Officers for refresher courses, Asogwa hinted that: ”Compt. Muhammad Babadede, MFR embarked on a serious capacity building or training of Officers and men of the Service.
This time around the Officers are more trained and it made them to know what they are to do unlike before. They are exposed to what they are expected to know.

That is why when some of them are posted here, they already know what to do. This is  one of the ways we have used to checkmate transborder crimes. And you know our job is highly technical. In fact, as a matter of fact, you know we supposed to know the mission of everybody around the border. So, we are trained to read the body movements of people. And that is why you can see, in a mix of people our officers will say, ”you, you and you come out, who are you? Are you a Nigerian? etc and at the end of the day you discover that  those pointed out are not Nigerians. On trying to find out what is the secret of detecting who is who in terms of nationality, Seme Immigration command boss said:

”The secret is training and retraining of their Officers in all areas of their operations and with such trainings, our Officers can easily identify who is a Nigerian and who is not,he added.

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