Apapa Customs is Improving in our Revenue Collection -Compt. Bashir

Apapa Customs Area 1 Controller, Compt. Abubakar Bashir

Generates 95% of Its 2018 Revenue Target

Made 9.6bn Seizures 

Honours Officers for Performance Excellence

By Sandra Chukwunyere

Apapa Area1 CAC,Compt Abubakar Bashir honours officer for performance excellence while the command public Relations Officer, Nkeiruka Nwala reading.

It was indeed a spectacular performance in terms of revenue collection drive of the command as it is moving higher and higher  every month.

This was disclosed by the Customs Area Controller (CAC), Comptroller  Abubakar Bashir while speaking with newsmen at the command in  Apapa on Thursday.

The CAC who explained how the command made the feat, also noted that what the command generated in terms of revenue superseded what it made within the same period in 2017 with N53,042,035,977.22 which also has an increase of I3.I3% over the 2017 collection.  

With the collection of over 95 per cent of their total revenue target for 
January to December 2018, that is Four Hundred and Four Billion, Twenty Million, Four Hundred and Forty-Seven Thousand, Seven Hundred and Ninety-One Naira Forty-Two Kobo (N404,020,447,791.42), the command did excellently well.

Recall also that the command was given a target was N426,I92,827.46 last yesr.

Comparatively, the command had a total revenue collection of N25,958, 919,218.73 in January 2017 as against N31,015,084,626.85 in 2018. 
Also in February 2017, the command generated the sum of N24,767,582,067.43 and in 2018, it got a total of N24,803,004,087.58. In March 20I7:26,713,144,429.I3 while the March 20I8 figure stood at N25,930,348,477.86; In the month of April 20I7 the command had N 25,I86,752,882.45 as against the N28,416,483,130.90 it generated in the same period in 20I8.

However, Apapa command made a total of N29,498,646,970.73 in the month of June 20I7 while it made N33,562,313,997.11June of 2018; also it got N30,958,508,169.19 and N33,503,331,058.15 for July 20I7 and 20I8 respectively. The month of August 20I7 and 20I8  recoded N32,I04,450,170.46 and N68,668,095,723.16. Equally, the sum of N28,041,289,644.00 and N33,113,258,042.07 were recorded in the months of September of 2017 and 20I8 respectively. For October 2017 and 20I8, the sum of N31,800,442,408.75 and  N31,848,356,603.87were recorded. In the other way round, the months of November of 20I7 and 20I8 saw the command raking the sum of 36, 227,934,752.96 and N30,223,151,023.96 respectively as the last month (December) of 20I7 got N26,102,520,560.57 N29,907,499,194.66 were made in the above months.

On the anti-smuggling operation of the command, the CAC told the newsmen that the command was able to record Seventy-two (72) seizures of general goods of various kind such as spare parts, used tyres, and other sundry goods with Duty Paid Value (DPV) of Nine Billion, Five Hundred and Twenty-Six million, Nine Thousand,  Two Hundred and Seventy Naira only (N9,526,009,270.00) for the year 20I8.

Apapa command within the same period seized and condemned a total of 41X40ft container of controlled Pharmaceutical products (drugs) including Tramadol in excess of allowable milligram. According to the CAC, the seized drugs had DPV of N8,812,829,490.00.

Apapa Customs  Area Controller, Comptroller,Abubakar Bashir also  honours Officers for excellent performance.
Bashir renowned that the command achievement in 2018 earned it the World Customs Organisation (WCO) award during the WCO day in January 2019.

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