FOU Zone A Customs Impounds Police Uniform, Tear Gas, Others

By Sandra Chukwunyere

The Federal Operations Unit (FOU) Zone A of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has seized bales of police Uniform, tear gas, canisters and other paraphernalia normally used by the Nigeria Police Force by the patrol team of vigilant enforcement unit of the  command.

Maritime Security News online however, informed that the intercepted police uniforms and other items were impounded by enforcement unit of the command while patrolling within Lagos, the smugglers were trying to get out of the state. 
The items were concealed in a Toyota Sienna space bus heading out of Lagos.

Sources from the command confirmed that after the arresting the vehicle,  the Customs Area Controller of the Unit, Compt. Muhammed Aliyu ordered for the detention of the suspect who is still in custody of the unit as at the time of filing this report.

According to the FOU source, the uniform poses threat to national security if it mistakenly get to the wrong hands mostly at this period of election.
Investigation reveals further that other things concealed in the vehicle include ranks,  belts,  berets and police badges with identity cards.

The CAC was said to have added to the FOU source that: “The seizure is a threat to national security because the uniform can be used for kidnapping, Boko Haram or elections but generally, it threatens national security.”

While giving more insight to the seizures,  he noted that: 
“We have the ranks of sergents, inspector, the belt and the badges on the ranks. you can see that the identity cards have no name on them. They are only printed and later they will be affixed with any names they want to put on it.”

The Command further hinted that there is no way a vehicle conveying such items at a period like this would be allowed into the country.

“They were intercepted along the road on the highway and what we know is that it was caught on Lagos road enroute another state. The seizure is of great concern because it concerns the national security. Also, the quantity alone is not the concern but also the havoc it will cause.
For instance, one bundle of this uniform can accommodate about ten persons and Nigerians will complain about atrocities of Police not knowing they are not real police but impostors.

“There are certain issues we don’t need to tell the press. We strategize our operations and when i get more  i will call you because if i say our strategies now, they will be aware.

“Not only the identity cards and the ranks were intercepted but also cutlass, what will a supposed police do with cutlass?  Have you ever seen a genuine policeman with cutlass?”

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