Expert Expresses Happiness Over Speedy Construction Work at Ibadan/Lagos Rail Lane is Okay – Mazi Nwankwo

An expert in the rail sector has expressed happiness over the speed at which construction work is going on at the Lagos/ Ibadan rail track.

The former Managing Director of the Nigeria Railway Corporation, Mazi J. C. Nwankwo who stated this on Monday in Lagos while having chat with Maritime Security News, an online media, noted that the speed at which the Lagos/Ibadan rail construction is better and encouraging more than the Ajaokuta/Warri railway construction  which has taken up to 38 years now to complete.

According to the former MD, ”So far so good and in terms of works on ground on the on-going construction works across the country. The speed is okay. The Lagos/Ibadan, for instance, is okay. It was when this current government came on board  that they went back to site to complete it.
Even they extended it to Warri port.  So, they have good intention.
The same construction work is on going  between  Kaduna and Kano have  been extended to Kastina. And I am hoping that PortHarcourt/Enugu Rail site should commence also so that the zones we have a little bit of the actions.”

On the pricing and the cost of engaging the contractors handling the rail projects, Mazi Nwankwo who is now the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of NIGERAILS LTD and equally the Chairman Chyddex Farm Ventures also stated that the government of the day is going in the right direction based on the current fight against corruption: ”On pricing, value for money,  I think that the government is also going in the right direction in that they are fighting corruption. What makes government contracts to escalates is corruption. I am sure the cost construction they are doing should be able to go down. Because some of us as lay men, we are of the impression that we have but we may not be need to borrow to manage our oil properly and our God-given natural resources very well.
In fact, God so gifted Nigeria  that there isn’t any state in the entire federation that hasn’t gotten some values underground to take. If we harness it, we are going to get money  because getting loans for us ordinary men, it is mortgaging the future of our children.”

Speaking on how to harness these resources abound in all the states, the former NRC MD who is as well a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics was of the opinion that getting earnings through harnessing of these God-given natural resources would be better than borrowing and also hopes that with the way things are going on particularly in the rail sector of the Nigerian economy, things will soon get better.

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