Comptroller Uba Encourages Nigerians to Engage in Export Instead of Smuggling

By Ambrose Okehi

The Customs Area Controller (CAC), Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Seme Border Command, Comptroller Mohammed Uba Garba has called on Nigerian businessmen and women to engage exporting ratter than smuggling all manner of goods produced in different parts of the country and thereby making  dumping ground for sort goods.

The Seme Customs boss said that is not only endangering our healths and the economy but also destroying the local industry. 
The Command equally raked in NI. 0 billion from export in 20I8. 
Speaking at a press briefing held at the Command, the Comptroller said:
”We are also telling them that there are a lot activities that they can engage in that are legitimate. For instance, export is free. If you engage yourself in exporting. You don’t pay anything or anybody, the only money you pay is Nigerian Export Supervision Scheme (NESS), which is five per cent duty on Free On Board (FOB). That is the only payment and Government by its gesture also gives 30 per cent for the value of what you have exported as an incentive. Government is doing this to encourage productivity and also to get foreign exchange.”

The CAC who said the Command had been using various ways and means to sensitize the Nigerian public on this, also urged the media to help in creating awareness and letting the general public  to know that it pays to engage in ligitomate business of exporting than to smuggle thereabout kill our economy and local industries.
”The media should please help us to sensitize and educate the general public about the ills and effects of smuggling that destroys our economy.”

However, while responding on how the sources of the Command’s revenue generation, Comptroller Uba noted that there are many other ways the Command generates revenue beside revenue from vehicles from the land borders which banned.

He said: ”The amount of revenue allocated to the Command is not limited to the importation of vehicles. There are other ways. Like the number general cargoes that have been allowed to come in, this 5 per cent of the NESS also constitutes as part of whatever revenue that is being generated by the Command. There also budget assessment, people who. bring smaller goods that needs commercial help, assessments are made and revenues are collected on that on behalf of the Federal Government. These are the three key elements of the three areas where generate collected. And also there are excise duties collected from factories like you have in Ogun State. We don’t have factories here. So those are the three areas where we generate our revenues.”

Still on export, the Command, according to investigation made a total of Fourteen Billion,Six Hundred and Twelve Million, Four hundred and Two Thousand, Six Hundred and One Naira Seven Kobo (NI4,6I3,402,60I.07) in the month of January 20I8 while comparatively, it generated Eleven Billion, Seven Hundred and Seventy-Seven Million, Two Hundred, Twenty Thousand, One Hundred and Forty-Four Naira, Sixty-Fve Kobo (NII,777,220,I44.65) for the same period in 20I7. 
The Free On Board (FOB) value for is higher with (N2,835,I82,456.42). This figure, when compared
with 20I7 FOB, which shows an increase of I0.74 per cent.

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