Smuggling The Mother of All Crime – DC KIRAWA

CGC strike Cordinaror, DC Kirawa

By Sandra Chukwunyere

The Nigeria Customs Service has again emphatically said that smuggling is not only hampering the economy or dangerous to the societal health but has been actually termed the mother of all crime.

The Deputy Comptroller(DC) and National Coordinator,CGC Strike force, Abdullahi Kirawa stated this during a public lecture organised by Trans quest Magazine in Lagos at the weekend.

According to Kirawa, ”let me say one thing about smuggling, if any member of the society is asked by you to list 10 out of the criminality you know, I am sure you will start writing arm robbery, kidnapping, rape and other things. It might come to a state where smuggling may not even be mentioned. But I will categorically say here that smuggling is the mother of all crime”

Explaining further, the strike force coordinator said: ”Smuggling is evil, smuggling is dangerous, smuggling is deadly. Why do I say so?”

On trying to give clear

DC Abdullahi Kirawadefinition of smuggling Kirawa hinted: ”It is through smuggling that arms and ammunitions get into the country. It is through smuggling that illegal and illicit drugs get into the country. It is through smuggling too that adulterated products we use get into the country. A lot of vices are committed through smuggling”

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