Freight Forwarders’ Day: Stakeholders Celebrate Dr. Aniebonam

…I am Fulfilled With CRFFN – NAGAFF Founder


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Stakeholders drawn from the maritime shipping industry of the Nigerian economy have commended the founder of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) and the National Chairman of the New Nigerian People Party (NNPP)  Dr. Boniface Aniebonam for his contributions to the development of the maritime transport shipping sector and mostly his commitment and doggedness in the human capacity development in the freight forwarding subsector.

The stakeholders which comprises of experts drawn from freight forwarding, transport,.shipping, logistics, haulaging and those from the axillary industry were all worried and expressed their individual concerns over the planned retirement of Dr. Boniface Okechukwu Anieonam from active association politics and functions, queering, who will be able to offer such selfless leadership roles he had been playing in the sector. They also asked who will also wear the big shoes he will be leaving behind as he retires from active freight forwarding and associations’ roles.

Dr. Aniebonam was also commended for his unequal and unmeasured leadership roles, visions, innovative foresight and immense efforts towards the liberation of freight forwarding practitioners in Nigeria through the enthronement of Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN).

The above expressions were parts of tributes and encomium poured on the personality of Dr.  Aniebonam at the event tagged ‘Freight Forwarders’ Day 2018”, a day set out to celebrate freight forwarding practice in Nigeria and their practitioners nationwide.
Speaking about the NAGAFF, it efforts in nurturing its baby (CRFFN) from the stage of birth to this era of maturity, the founder of NAGAFF said, he had already planned his retirement but when he found out that something is wrong in the system, that he had no other option than to stay back to correct the mistake, saying now that he had corrected the mistake and had put the freight forwarding practitioners and the CRFFN in the right perspective, that he is now fulfilled and exit from the scene.

” At a time, I was grooming a successor, that was the late Usman Sanusi, whom I handed over to as the national president after me. As I exited, late Usman started nurturing somebody else. And that is why nobody can infiniterate NAGAFF. Because the person you think you can infiniterate, eat,.drink and smell NAGAFF.
So, if you people think you can come in and do one thing or the other, you may be wrong. Loyalty, to the leadership and that is followership and of course, having gone through all these, I left and when I left, I saw that something was wrong. And what was is it that is wrong? As at today in the port, we have two legislative instruments that regulate and control the freight forwarding practice in Nigeria and that is the Customs Exercise Management and Act (CEMA) and the CRFFN Acts 2007which is the Act of the National Assembly. So, we have these two documents and these two documents
”We were propagating the council for the regulation of freight forwarding in Nigeria  our sister association was propagating for the Council of Licensed Customs Agents Regulaton (CLAR) and of course, if you are not registered by NAGAFF, you can be registered by  ANLCA.”
Speaking further, Aniebonam said: ”When the maiden election of CRFFN was concluded, something happened that I could not understand. NAGAFF that sponsored the Bill, initiated and facilitated the, had no member  in the council. As that happened, that means that the dream of NAGAFF is dashed. And to worsen the thing, when the accreditation of CRFFN members took place, NAGAFF were not there. Can you believe it? You see, there certain things we should not do.. That is why I made the U-turn. And that U-turn is that I considered my self a human capacity builder to have not done anything. And I now said to myself, I must achieve this. And to God be the glory, another CRFFN election came up.

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