DR. Aniebonam wants To Leave Industry When Ovation Is High





… Says he live Building Capacity

… Celebrates Freight Forwarder’s Day


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One man who is happy and will always remain happy for his enormous  contributions to the development and advancement of mankind and the maritime (freight forwarding profession) in particular . He will even after retiring from active association activities (politics) would also beat his chest to say ”I have really done my best for the sector”. He is  no other personality than the founder, National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), Dr. Boniface Okechukwu Aniebonam.

Dr. Aniebolam said also that his life revolves around seeing to the  welfare of people within him and building capacities.

He was equally on this fight to liberate the freight forwarders in Nigeria for the past 18 years now. And today he can boldly say he has achieved a lot in the struggle he started close to two decades now with the coming on board of a legal act to regulate the profession like other professionals in the legal, engineering  profession etc.

However, he was of the view that as freight forwarders across the nation will be  celebrating freight forwarders day come November 29, that it is all about NAGAFF and other forwarders in the country because his association (NAGAFF) started it all.
”NAGAFF is the epitome of  freight forwarding in Nigeria. That is the day freight forwarding became foremost in Nigeria. That was the day NAGAFF was formed and inaugurated. It was November  29, 1999 at Mobile Pegasus, Apapa, Lagos.”

On whether other sister associations will be invited, he said: ”Yes, it is freight forwarders’ day. That was the day NAGAFF was born. That of November 29,1999, it was at that time through our radio (NAGAFF Cargo Watch) but this one will be at Rockview Hotel, Apapa, Lagos. We are going to control crowd. It will only be for 500 people and 500 seats. For the media, we will be selected from the various maritime reporters associations. NNPP members are coming, chapter executives from PortHarcourt and other association members. So we have to restrict the crowd so that we can manage the crowd.”

Dr. Aniebonam who  spoke to newsmen in Lagos at the weekend, said that all his life has been spent developing people and building  capacities.

While speaking on what action is NAGAFF going to take based on how the government appointed the chairman of the board of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) instead of the normal election as prescribed by the law establishing the council, an action which was literally carried out by the minister of transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi without  regard for the practitioners, Dr. Aniebonam said that the council is the baby of NAGAFF and that there is no way they will have a hand in killing their own baby.
He spoke of his plan to retire from association activities and leave it for the younger forwarders:
”Apart from retiring from NAGAFF, I am also relinquishing the chairmanship of NNPP next year. I need to disengage, you know?  And you just have to go when the ovation is high. My own is just to lay the background, to lay the foundation for people to take responsibilities.
I spend more time getting people trained, building capacities. My life is all about building capacities for people emerge.”

Commenting on where he will be and what he will be doing after retiring from active association politics, the founder of NAGAFF said:
”Of course, I am a professional freight forwarder. I am also a politician. Even those in the national assembly, those who are lawyers, don’t they have their chambers? Your wife is a politician, is she not working? That I am not in NAGAFF administration, does it stop me from being a logistics manager?  I will no longer be in active associations work.”

On the campaign by the transport minister to demolish old structures along port access corridors to pave railways, to link the nation’s seaports, the chairman of NNPP (Aniebonam)  had this to say:
”You as an old journalist, you should have known that NAGAFF started the advocacy on such issues years back. People like you should have known that NAGAFF did advocacy on that 10, 15, 20 years ago, we did advocacy on it. Particularly that Elderdemstar in front of that company, along Burma road, should be cleared off for public interest and government should pay them off. And the road leading to the ports should be eight lanes, four lanes each side. What is it?

”Whenever government wants to do something that is good for the public, they should go ahead and do it. Look at what people are going through in Apapa here, does it make sense? So the point I am making is that such is an old story to NAGAFF.”

”Chairmanship of CRFFN, as far as I am concerned, is still an issue.  In the next one week or thereabout, NAGAFF will come out with its position on that. Discussions are going on. Consultations are going on but what is before NAGAFF is for the food of the CRFFN. Because that will touch the lives of the people. Our approach is, what do we do with this young men and women. This young ones (freight forwarders), who are looking for opportunities, so that give them opportunities. So that they can respond to agents of the government when they are talking. You see somebody like me, I am trainedy by

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