ICOPRON Members Want Institute Chartered

Mr Olubumi Fajobi

Mr Olubumi Fajobi

…President Calls for More Lobbying of Lawmakers

By Sandra Chukwunyere

The Institute of Co-operative Professionals of Nigeria (ICOPRON ) has called on its members to do everything humanly possible including visitations and lobbying of the members of the National Assembly with sole intent of securing their acceptance of the institute as chartered as they on their own will do everything possible in the same pursuit

The National President of the ICOPRON, Mr. Olubunmi Fajobi (ficp) who stated this in Lagos on Monday during the institute’s 20I8 and fourth national conference held between November 5, and 9, 20I8 further said that:”Towards ensuring this, visitation to the National Assembly with the intent of securing the nation’s Legislative acceptance of our movement must be earnestly pursued. It is our fervent prayers as we follow up on this that the National Assembly will someday oblige us and predictably after the legislation body will automatically enjoy a new life.”

While giving his speech at the event, he called on the distinguish members of the professional cooperatives to remember who they are and the dilemma they have been passing through in their quest to get the institute chartered. ”Distinguished Guests and professional cooperatives, may we remind ourselves the dilemma we are confronted with genuine quest to establishing for ourselves and the coming generation an institute, Chartered, as obtainable in other professional bodies in the country. Neither the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) nor the Federal Registrar of Cooperatives could achieve it primarily because the extant laws forecloses that”

While reminding the professional cooperatives the need to see that the cooperative movement in Nigeria must observe more commitment in their approach to issues relating to them, he equally reminded them that the institute has potential membership base of not least 20 in each Local Government Area of the federation.
”Distinguished Guests, Gentlemen and Ladies of Nigerian Cooperative Movement, it should be mentioned of the observed lackluster commitment of core professionals, especially in the sphere of pursuing for the best in all of the Institute’s efforts. With a rough guess on the the demographic spread, I can boldly say that a least, the Institute potentially had a membership base of not less than 20 in each Local Government Area of the federation. Your guess is as good as mine that combining such a strength in population will certainly put us in the pedestal of a national and international reckoning.”

He assured them that their professional cooperative members are scattered all over and that such pool of human resources are yet to be tapped.
”Members in the academia, professionals in the public service; Federal and States, Managers/Itinerary Secretaries, General body of Cooperatives Societies and the Federation were such some pool of under tapped human resources that ordinarily could have engender huge successes so fundamentally embodied as a core values in the cooperative system,” the president said.

In his address earlier, Mr. Fajobi while acknowledging the efforts of the various groups that made the fourth (20I8 edition) of the national conference a success, thanked the National Organising Committee (NOC) and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and appreciated their efforts and contributions.

”I am particularly delighted to welcome all stakeholders in ICOPRON to the 4th National Conference holding in Lagos as planned, all odds, nonetheless. All glory be to God for the journey mercies granted all, both in course of planning by the National Organising Committee and Local Organising Committee as well as attendees of the Conference with the track name EKOCOOP20I8, I pray for safety of all as the Conference runs and when we return back to all our loved ones at the close of the programme.

”In tribute to some of our founding fathers that had transited to the great beyond: Chief Oyelakin Oyelami, the founding secretary and prof. J.N.P. Okonkwo, the first National President, who passed on last year. May we all rise and observe s moment of silence i their honour. (May the souls of the departed rest in peace).”

Calling and urging members to put more efforts by joining strength and forces as core professional cooperatives to harness what they have in abundance while taking positive actions that will take them to the promised achievements.

Liking them to their counterparts across the globe, the president said: ”Globally, employment of the cooperative mechanisms have continued to assist in lessening peoples’ experience in facing harsh realities of life. Housing,.Education, Banking,.Agriculture, Consumers Cooperative Societies have been promoted by International Cooperative Association (ICA) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) is for Workers Cooperative to take over the production mechanism and to achieve this system by sanitising mechanism that will promote and advance the the adherence to the ethics, correct values and essentially the principles should be in place,” Fajobi concluded.

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