Govt.Can Encourage Co-operatives Through Incentives, Enabling Environment To Function – Chief Registrar

Hajia Hassan Mohammed

Hajia Hassan Mohammed
By Sandra Chukwunyere

Apart from the global trend and understanding that the employment of cooperative mechanisms have continued to lessen peoples’ problems and harsh realities of life. Or the fact that the Consumer cooperative society can be deployed to rescue respective human needs, governments of all levels have been identified as another way that can be used to assist cooperatives through giving them incentives, good enabling environment as well as encouraging them in so many other ways.

The Chief Registrar of Cooperatives, Federal Capital Territory, Hajia Hassana Mohammed stated this while speaking to some selected number of journalists at the first day of 20I8 Institute of Cooperative Professionals of Nigeria (ICOPRON) known as EKOCOOP20I8 held in Lagos between November 5, to 9,20I8 at LASCOFED Multipurpose Hall, Ikeja Lagos said, government can support cooperative in so many ways.

According to the registrar : ”well, Federal government can assist cooperatives on so many ways by giving them incentives, giving them helps and an enabling environment to operate in”

She also said governments at state and federal levels can also encourage the cooperatives, saying that cooperatives have became a very important aspect of the government especially,the federal capital, where government is helping cooperatives to develop and have the benefits of engaging in cooperatives”

The Registrar as well advised Nigerians to belong to cooperatives and benefit from them because there are a lot of benefits attached to it.

She therefore urged the institute members to continue to push and lobby further to the National Assembly members on their efforts to see that the institute ICOOPRON become chartered.

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