DCFLS Ends Two Day Marriage Amidst Commendation

Pastor Ambrose Okehi


By Ambrose Okehi


It was indeed a gathering of the saints, a gathering of the eagles and not the coming together of children of God but a convergence of believers, who want to make heaven at last, and not just making heaven as per say, rather a congregation of those who want their own kingdom of God to start right here on earth from their individual homes.

The October edition of the highly-sought-for monthly life changing marriage seminar has just ended over the weekend with high level of commendations from various quarters as participants were hailing the organizers of the two marriage/family life seminar
The event which  took place on Saturday and Sunday, October 27 28,  2018 at Christ Gospel Church of God (CGCG), Oko Afo, along Badagry Expressway, Lagos was power packed and an eye opener for a lot married adults who before that time swimming in the ocean of ignorance on the subject matter.

Equally,the programme originally planned to last for at least five hours daily due to the number of papers made to be presented, ended up taking over six hours because of the importance attached to such issues, and how the participants made up of married men and women as well as youths drawn particularly singles, who engaged and those still searching for their life partners valued the event.

Resource persons are men and women of God including experts in the field of marriage counselling and those gifted in the area of raising kingdom kids as well as character molders.
Pastor, Ambrose Obioma Okehi, the assistant pastor at CGCG, Oko Afo, Badagry said this ministry is a mandate from God and a divine desire to see that marriages, families, and peoples’ lives and behaviours go according to the plans and purposes of God concerning each and everyone of us.
He stated that as an ambassador of Christ and the coordinator of DCFLS, their aim through the seminars is to touch lives, revive dying marriages, restore broken homes and guide the would-be spouses to follow scriptural and God’s pattern in their wedlock while  ensuring that good behavioural lifestyles in line with Christian ways of life through Godly counsellings and prayers are their ways of actualising this.

Referring to his speech at the event, the convener, Pastor Okehi noted that the life-changing marriage seminar as packaged by DCFLS in conjunction with CGCG is a monthly event for married people and intending couples as well as for youths and teenagers trying to instill in them good moral behaviour in line with Christian standard.

Okehi further added that: ”The other aims and objectives of the DCFLS the name implies, is to look at Christians families, non-Christians, their lives and behavioural lifestyles from the father to the mother and as well as the children, including servants living with them. We are also counselling and mentoring them on their behavioural patterns with divine mandate of ensuring righteous living ie living in line with the plans and purposes of our creator for our lives.”
According to the convener, ”it is our aim at DCFLS to ensure that marriages are contracted and consummated in line with divine arrangements and biblical teachings of Christ through this quality seminars and counsellings from DCFLS. We are also meant to direct and counsel the misdirected and ignorant couples,.restore broken homes and marriages, counsel husbands and wives who are enduring their marriages to begin to enjoy them.  We counsel and redirect vagabonds, waywards and prodigal children to come back home to their original status and possess their possession. DCFLS equally look at the issue of fatherhood, motherhood,.parenthood and the task of raising God fearing and kingdom oriented kids and thereafter, building remarkable Godly homes  that will make up food habitable society free from vices and violence.”

The DCFLS coordinator further further the median edition which was held between September, I5 and I6 20I8 with the theme: ”Building Godly and Heavenly Minded Husbands and Wives” came with subtopics that went in this way: ”Is Marriage a Ticket To Heaven”? handled Pastor S.A. Peters, The Role of Sex in Building a Sustainable Godly and Heavenly Conscious Marriage” presented by Evang. Lilian Daniels, God’s Plans and Purposes For Marriage: Where We Have Gotten It Wrong” by Pastor Ambrose Okehi and ”Sex to Married Couple: How The Wife Sees It” by Evang. Chinyere Nwankwo”.

The October edition of the seminar which had its theme: ”Godly Marriage:  Homemaking and Motherhood, The Way Forward” had powerful speakers assembled for the two-day seminar to include: Rev. David Favour Akaba, Apostle Stephen Josephs, Pastor S.A. Peters, Pastor A.K.O. Okehi, Evang. Lilian Daniels, Evang. Helen Ehikoya and Evang. Chinyere Nwankwo.
The topics handled by the above exprts at the October edition include:
”The Ideal and Heavenly Oriented Marriage” by Apostle Stephen Joseph represented by Evang. Emmanuel Okoro, ”The Godly Wife: Her Role in Building a Heavenly Oriented Homes” by  Evang. Helen Ehikoya, ”The Woman That Fears The Lord and Obeys and Submits to Her Husband” by Evamg. C. Nwankwo, ”The Minister, His Marriage and His Ministry: The Missing Link” by Pastor A.KO. Okehi.
Other topics were: ”The Role of The Wife And The Husband In A Godly Marriage” by pastor S.A. Peters and ”Parenthood And The Task of Raising Kingdom Kids” and ”The Man That Fears The Lord and Loves The Wife” handled by Evang. L. Daniels and Rev. D.F. Akaba respectively.

While dwelling on his topic apostle Steve Josephs ably represented at the event by Evang. Okoro, a renowned lecturer of many years reminded the participants that marriage is not meant for boys and girls but for two mature adults of opposite sex. and that marriage is also not the  coming together of either the man or the woman to eat the money of his or her partner, that it goes beyond that.

Evang. Okoro said that the home determines the value of the society. And that the home also is the senior brother of the both the church and the society.
On her own, Evang. Ehikoya told her audience that the wife has a lot of roles to play in a Godly home and that one of such role is to advise their husbands, and such examples from the scripture to include:  Sarah’s advice to Abraham during their years of childlessness, that she advised him to go in into her maid instead of dying of depression of high blood pressure and that such advice as at that time solved the problem though it had a later effect on the whole mankind. She gave the example of Abigail’s advice to David, whom he later married, that of Portipha’s wife against being party to the killing of Jesus in Mtt. 27:19.
Mrs. Ehikoya also listed women who out of negative influence gave wrong advice in the bible as such people as Eve to Adam, Sarah to Abraham, and Jezebel to king Ahab, her husband.
She finally said that one of the major roles of a Godly wife is to give good counsels to the husband.
While Evang. Nwankwo who look was full of practical experiences sees marriage like an investment which whosoever goes onto such contract must invest a lot because it is what you invest that you are going to reap.
Evang. Daniels admonished fathers and mothers as parents to live exemplary lives so that their children will learn from them. She said, the father is the head of the home and must pray down Jesus into his home.

Rev. Akaba said men should treat their wives well and lavish them with love, some not only when they want to have sex with them. Rather they should also tantalize their wives sometimes showing them that they love them.
Pastor S.A. Peters on his own maintained that sex in marriage should not be abused rather must be down with respect and honour it deserves.
However, the convener, Pastor Okehi while treating his topic: ”The Minister, His Marriage and His  Ministry”, informed the participants that in as much as the ministry is important and must not be neglected, the marriage must have priority over the ministry because your home (marriage) cannot be in crisis and you will struggling to take the church to meet the Lord. That your marriage is important to even your Creator.
Again, he said: ”When the husband and wife agree and work together, they can move the ministry forward,” he concluded.

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