Dr. Alex Otti

Dr. Alex Otti
Mazi Udo Chijioke…As AOSG Want Abia State Liberated

 By Sandra Chukwunyere

Saturday 1st September,2018 would not be easily forgotten by Ndi Abia (Abia sons and daughters both home and abroad), friends of Dr. Alex Otti as well as the members of Alex Otti Support Group (AOSG) as they all converged in Lagos at the weekend in what they called “ an evening with Dr. ALEX OTTI to show their solidarity and support for the own and a beloved illustrious son in the forthcoming governorship election in the state.

It was a night of meeting who is who in the political firmament and social class as well businessmen and women of Abia State origin and rallying round a man well known and trusted for his antecedents and pedigree in all endevours of life.

A day chosen by Abians and indeed the AOSG to celebrate, honour and present Dr. Otti as the best candidate,best hand to rule the state and best man to occupy that Abia government house come 2019.

Dr. Alex Otti is not new in Nigerian politics neither is he new to Abia politics, no he is not. He is a born leader, a known grass root politician and a leader of a repute, a core banker, an administrator of high calling, a builder and an organizer of men and materials.

Speaking at the well attended event by Dr Alex Otti Support Group (AOSG), the convener, Mazi Udo Chijioke noted that the gathering is for the liberation of Abia State from the political harlots and evil men who have nothing to offer to the state.    

“It is because of the state of Abia and for the Love of our people that the Alex support group convened to lend support to Dr. Alex Otti in the struggle to bring positive change to Abia state. The AOSG is a voluntary group of people willing to make sacrifice for the good of Abia state. We fund ourselves and our activities and every member must be a true Abian,someone willing to make sacrifice of some sort to bring change to Abia. Sacrifice must be made if our children and grand children must not curse us for sitting idle and be collecting N5000, N1000,N10,000 etc. under the guise  of blood tonic to support evil and bad governance.”

 On what constitute the mission and objective of AOSG Mazi Udo said that : “Our mission and objective is to help enthrone good governance in Abia state by supporting Dr.Alex Otti and all credible candidates. After he has won and get to the government house to transmute to a good governance watchdogl to help keep the government on track to achieve for Abia state that burning desire for change, development and progress of our people (state) that made him leave his lucrative job as GMD of Diamond bank to seek elective office.”

 He continued: “Today we have to hear Dr Alex Otti tell us his plan for us and I may ask, what do Abia People want? Strong foundation for economic development, security of lives and property to allow for developmental mobility, listening and compassionate government, functional health facilities, functional schools at all levels including vocational training schools/centres, even development throughout the state, youth culture and youth development, restoration of  the glory of Aba and motorable inter-state and intra-state connecting roads.”


He appealed to the All Progressive Ground Alliance (APGA) hopeful to accept the peoples plea for him to represent them at Abia government house come 2019.

“Dear Dr. Otti, it is for these hopes that Abia people want you. It is why the Alex Otti Support Group was convened and why it exists. Our raison d’s eter to sensitize and mobilize our people to identify with you to ensure that you succeed in this struggle to defeat darkness and when you win to identify with the hopes our people. Because we know you can deliver, because we know you are capable, we have gathered to interact with you to exchange ideals and to hear you our leader, to reassure us so that we can be charge and unreserved in our support.”



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