ACG Dahiru Advices Chinese Business Community on Legitimate Import, Export

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By Sandra Chukwunyere

The Assistant Comptroller General (ACG) and Zonal Coordinator Zone ‘A’, Western Zone of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Comptroller Aminu Dahiru has advised the Chinese Business Community  in Nigeria (CBCN) who are currently worried about what they are termed victimization of their members by the Nigeria Customs Service over their legitimate business operations in Nigeria, saying though they brought the issue to him so as to appeal o behalf of their people but said he advised them to find out time to learn about the import export trade guidelines as well as the  prohibitions list.

”So they (the Chinese Business Community in Nigeria) felt like appealing through foe their people to the Federal Government that they are being victimised each time they brought in some items into the country. So, I told them, let’s see what we can do to avoid such embarrassment.” And that they have to follow the Nigeria Import Export trade Guideline in doing their business here in Nigeria.”

ACG who spoke at length  at the one year anniversary/Lecture/Honour organised by Searchlight Media Concept, the publishers of Global Searchlight Magazine, also noted that he (the ACG) has made his position known on such issue at one time in Idiroko and at another time on a function on Victoria Island Lagos when these foreigners raised the issue of their victimisation  on import & export business in Nigeria.

”Sometime in Idiroko, Ogun State in this era of ease of doing business on Nigeria, and another time somewhere in Victoria Island Lagos, where the Chinese Business Community in Nigeria and how and why they felt that they are tied of being victims. That sometimes, they will bring in goods into Nigeria and after  meeting up with all the processes required but on getting to the port, they will be  found wanting for one problem or the other and their items to held on to and at another time, while traveling they may bring in what they think is as good as anything but on getting to the Nigerian ports they will be apprehended.”

The zonal coordinator used the opportunity offered him to appeal on all who are into import and export business to comply with government fiscal policies adding that the Chinese Business community whose warehouses and business premises, he said were sealed recently should endeavour to obey the law guiding Nigeria’s import and export.

”At Federal Operations Unit (FOU), Zone ‘A’ and some of them (the Chinese businessmen) were sealed and others their names were incriminated with illegal importations of these  endangered species like Pangolin shell and elephant tusks.”

The highly elated ACG appealed to these foreigners (Chnese) to adhere to import guideline. ”For these Chinese people, if they will listen Nigeria’s guidelines on import and export trade very well and abide by what they hear, this problem will not come up again.”

ACG Dahiru who played dual role, the role of ACG and that of CGC at the event noted as the  representative of  the CGC), Col. Hameed Ali, while dwelling on the topic of the CGC’s paper that ”Ease of Doing Business: Facilitating Legitimate Trade for Customs Processes”, that the Nigeria Customs before this time pays lesser attention on the issue of trade facilitation but concentrated more on revenue generation and suppressing  smuggling operations.”

ACG , Aminu Dahiru unveiling the Magazines before the public.

On Boosting Export Trade, Economic Growth With the Ease of Doing Business Tool” which is the theme of the anniversary lecture, the ACG said that left for him as an individual, on the issue of ease of doing business for the Nigeria Customs, that he would like to say that there are some areas you must consider while trying to make doing business easy in Nigerian at the ports work.

”I want to tell you that there are areas you must be careful of no matter how you tries to make the ease of doing business in Nigeria work. And such areas are: security and revenue. In terms of ease doing business and you allow security to be endangered. But if you can fine how to make business ease and at the same time take care of our security, I think, I have no objection in doing that. But if in the name of ease of doing business, you allow security to be endangered, then it will not be good.”

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