From the R-L,Mr Charles Obi (Deputy Chairman, Transformer Dealers Association of Nigeria), Mrs Ngozi Ekwueme (Head,Lagos Office III SON,Festac Lagos ) Mr,Onyeka Muoghalu (Chairman Transformers Dealers Association of Nigeria,Ojo Lagos & Engr Usman Momoh((NEMSA )

  1. From the R-L,Mr Charles Obi (Deputy Chairman, Transformer Dealers Association of Nigeria), Mrs Ngozi Ekwueme (Head,Lagos Office III SON,Festac Lagos ) Mr,Onyeka Muoghalu (Chairman Transformers Dealers Association of Nigeria,Ojo Lagos & Engr Usman Momoh((NEMSA)

    …As Dealers Assure Quality Distribution Transformers, Say No Substandard Ones

  2. By Sandra Chukwunyere

The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) in collaborative efforts with esteemed importers, distributors and marketers of electricity transformers in Nigeria have just ended a one day awareness and sensitization programme aimed at ending irregular power supply in the country.

The awareness programme held in Lagos on Wednesday was aimed at identifying the trend in distribution of transformers in Nigerian markets, creating awareness on the need for such distributors, marketers to comply with the standard and certification set by the SON as well as identifying applicable standards for distribution of transformers.

The stakeholders at the event assured that they are ready and willing to supply quality distribution transformers to Nigerians, adding that there is no substandard distribution transformers in the Nigerian market rather what is the problem is their usage and maintenance by the communities.

Speaking to journalists at the event, the Chairman of the Transformers Dealers Association of Nigeria, Mr. Onyeka Muoghalu said: “When you talk about transformers, we want to tell Nigerians that our association, we sell and install standard distribution transformers that can last the test of time. Not only one year or two years warrantee. You know it is not easy to manage Nigerians. But we have already set a taskforce that would  monitor out day to day activities including importations, installations, sales and after sales problems.”

According to Moughalu, the message they are sending to their members is to continue in using standards, good qualities and good relationship with the regulatory body.

  1. “The message we are taking home is good standard, quality transformers and to maintain good relationship with the regulatory body SON and other government agencies in Nigeria.

He insisted that there is no substandard transformer and a transformer can last as long as hundred years.

“As far as we are concerned, there is no substandard transformer. Like I said not only in Lagos they sell transformer, and to be frank agencies cannot control 100 percent standard in Nigeria because our borders are open. Some are coming from the sea and some are coming from the land borders, you cannot control. The one I know is the one I can guarantee as standard.”

Speaking at the event the Director General of the SON, Mr. Anthony Osita Aboloma (Esq.) who also informed the stakeholders in the power generation and distribution sector that distribution transformers are essential to getting electricity to the consumers in safe manner also said that it was put in place to notify the stakeholders of the regulatory requirements for the purchase and installation of distribution transformers in Nigeria, fault identification, preventive and reactive maintenance, sales and liability.

The DG who was represented at the event by Engr. Felix Nyando, Director  Operations of the regulatory body, equally noted that the frequent cases of transformers explosion in many communities in Nigeria in recent time, posing severe risks to the citizens and Electricity Distribution Company (Disco) workers is of grave concern to the Government of the country.

“It is on this premises therefore that the Standards Organisation of Nigeria has taken this initiative to discuss with the relevant stakeholders in the importation and distribution of transformers with the Regulators, to proffer solutions for the purchase, installation and maintenance of distribution transformers  that will  be reliable and guarantee the continuous supply of electricity to the consumers why guaranteeing the safety of DISCOs workers.”

Also speaking to the journalists was the State Coordinator SON, Lagos State, Festac Operational Area, Mrs. Ngozi Ekwueme, who noted that the event is coming at this time  because Nigeria has just changed from  analogue to digital meter (pre-paid meter). And this pre-paid meters is necessary this time around because as technology is moving on we must move along with the trend. Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has gone a long way in following those people producing these things like the digital meters and we have certified some of them that they are doing well and they are still working. And it will be a useless thing if SON has followed these people and they have done well.

And it will not be good if these meters are ok and the people that are supplying the transformers are supplying substandard ones.That is why it is important at this time for SON to get those that are concerned in energy distribution sensitized,  educate them on what they should do to make this distribution work well.”

On the end result of the one day sensitization workshop, Mrs Ekwueme said:  “The end result is much because all the technical people here today, the National Electricity Management Service Agency (NEMSA),  the DISCOs like Ikeja Distribution Company, Eko Electricity Company  etc, they are all here at the programme. NEMSA man flew all the way from Abuja this morning. Then the standard’s officials, you can see that all of them are here taking the questions and providing answers. We brought all these people so that when they now hear (like some of were saying that they don’t even know that there is standards. So at the end of this event, result is that the players must have known the dos and don’ts. They have known what will make their own aspect to play well and what will make it not to play well. And what will make it not to play well. And if they have known what will make it not to play well,  they will now seek for how to amend even the ones they have done wrong before.

On the real importers; she said they were all represented. “They are all here.

On certification, Mrs Ekwueme said: “Yes we have them. If you had listened to one of our officials talking about standards, he mentioned the certifications. Because the certification is based on what you benchmarked on your performance with the requirements of the standards. If they have performed well, according to what the standard for transformer has, they will be given MANCAP certificates. These are for those manufacturing in Nigeria but for now most of them are into importation. He also mentioned to them about SONCAP certificates. How they must ensure that SON’s agents abroad inspect and certifies their products over there before bringing to Nigeria, so that they will be sure of their standards.”

On the measures the agency is using to monitor and ensure that standards are carried out, the SON boss said: “Through quality assurance. That is scientific examinations of the products. Or laboratory tests. Also the official that spoke on standards, talked about it too. He is the head of electrical laboratory. And the head of electrical standards. That why you see their responses to issues raised as well as their presentations. They really went into what the stakeholders need to know and the things that they have tested.”

The laboratory tests are they done only abroad or some are done here in Nigeria? “The test are carried out over abroad by our agents and some are done over here in  Nigeria ” Mrs. Ekwueme concluded.

From the R-L,Mr Charles Obi (Deputy Chairman, Transformer Dealers Association of Nigeria), Mrs Ngozi Ekwueme (Head,Lagos Office III SON,Festac Lagos ) Mr,Onyeka Muoghalu (Chairman Transformers Dealers Association of Nigeria,Ojo Lagos & Engr Usman Momoh((NEMSA )

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