Incredible Airforce Officers Attack Hotel Rob 402k

By Yusuf Muhammed


Airforce officers numbering 15 on the 4th day of July, 2018 attacked New Titan Suite and Bar located at No. 23 Goloba Asogbon Street, Off Ebenezer Bus Stop, Ejigbo, Lagos State, Southwest, Nigeria.


According to the manager of the hotel, Mr Oyeniran Abiodun  Benjamin who is dating one of the prostitute by name Blessing always use Padlock to lock her inside the room anytime he come to the hotel and meet her inside with a male customer whenever Benjamin came to the hotel and Blessing is with a male customer until people will beg him to open it.


Narrating further Abiodun said on the fateful day Benjamin came as usual and meet Blessing with a male customer inside her room and again padlocked the door so other people in the hotel ask him to open the door he refused the padlock was broken and Benjamin left.


“At about 10:30pm I was sitting in front of the hotel when suddenly I saw a danfo load of Airforce officers some were hanging by the door while others were standing at the tail of the bus and as soon as the bus stop they started jumping down with machetes and sticks on their hands so I have to run for my dear life. “When I came back after they have left, I was told that Benjamin brought the Airforce officers to attack us our barman David Sidney was injured apart from the flogging the officers used jack knife to slice the tip of his toe”. “On getting to my room I discovered that the door has been broken and when I went inside the N402k I kept inside was no more there”.


The matter was reported at Ejigbo Police Station by the director and later reported the matter at Airforce Base Ikeja to one Sgt. Muhammed.


According to Abiodun one of the suspect claimed they are personnel of special investigation group Nigeria Airforce GRA so when the matter was reported at the Airforce base GRA one Sat. Muhammed was on duty and he put a call across to the suspect who claim he was not on duty and Muhammed ordered him to report himself to the guard room he did not show up.


The following day the suspect was alleged to have ignored all the calls to his phone until FS Ayilola went and arrest him at home.


An eye witness Olamide Ogundare said on the 3rd of this month Benjamin locked up Blessing in her room when he came and meet her with a customer people pleaded with him before he opened the door and on the 4th again he came and did the same thing so people could not bear it anymore as it is becoming too much for him and after pleading with him to open the padlock and he refused the padlock was broken before he left the hotel. Around 10:30pm I was in the hotel when I saw a danfo load of Airforce officers we were all caught unaware I received the beating of my life they started to enter room by room and any room that is lock they will use the machetes they brought to break it no one in this hotel that night that was not beaten and when the manager came back from his hiding and he entered his room he shouted that N402K was missing because they break into his room also.


When our correspondent visited the Airforce base at GRA the Public Relation Officer Squadron leader Obidake said she was not aware of the incident but when she make calls she was ask to come along with our correspondent who followed her to where they were holding meeting with the second in command 2ic.


At the meeting our correspondent explained his investigations so far even though the O/C Provost was handling the case he denied knowing anything about the case and our correspondent insisted that he was the one handling the case he was investigating and the 2ic ask him if he know the provost he said no but he know his name and phone number he told them that the O/C Provost was one fl lt Orekeku and he also quoted his phone number.

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