4th from the left, Chief Solomon Ogbonna & other members of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State.

The president Ohaneze Ndigbo, Lagos State has restated his strong belief that it is only in a restructured Nigeria that everybody and every region would fill free and have a say.

The leadership of the Lagos State Igbo sociolo-cultural group also maintained that the country’s numerous problems could only be solved if the country is restructured.

The Ohaneze president Lagos State Chief Solomon Ogbonna stated this after the state National Executive Council (NEC) meeting in Lagos recently ahead of the Ndigbo and other Southern Nigeria leadership summit held at Dr. Alex Ekwueme Square, Akwa, Anambra State where the issue was the main topic of the summit.

”In a restructured Nigeria, everybody will have a true sense of belonging as that will bring to an end the unitary constitution that was forced on us by the military.”
According to Chief Ogbonna , we in Lagos are strongly behind the National Executive Council (NEC) of Ohaneze Ndigbo stand on restructuring, It is only restructuring that can address the social and economic vices confronting the Nigeria.

He further said that our contact and mobilization subcommittee have started mobilization of Lagos delegation to the summit as we would be going to make a bold statement at the venue of the summit.
The president was of high spirit that Ndigbo is fighting a just course with strong allies like the Afenifere, Pandef and mid belt forum.

In the same vein, the secretary of Ohaneze Lagos, Chief Everest Ozonweke expressed his happiness concerning those who have been on the forefront weathering the storms for call for the restructuring of the nation over the years not minding the risk and threats to their lives, saying, they ate heroes of our time.
Adding that: ”the clearing news is that most of those disrupting the call for the restructuring of Nigeria in the past are overwhelmingly in support of restructuring today.
In his words: ”It is inhuman to reject changes if such change means well him and all concerned Like an everlasting gospel, the call for restructured Nigeria will continue to generate more concerns because the prevailing realities in our country is also pointing to restructuring,”’
the secretary said.

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