Starzs Group offers automatic sea time experience to best graduated sea understudies

CEO/MD, Starzs Group of Company, Engr. Greg Ogbeifun

Starzs Investment Company Limited has offered to give programmed sea time experience to whoever will develop the Best Graduating Nautical Science Student and Best Graduating Marine Engineering Student at the third Edition of “A Day with Nigeria Maritime Students 2018”.

In an email sent to Platforms Communications as of late, the organization expressed that the Best Graduating Nautical Science Student would function as Deck Cadet while the Best Graduating Marine Engineering Student would fill in as Engine Cadet on Starzs vessels amid the term of their ocean time involvement with the organization.

The administration of Platforms Communications acknowledges and lauds Starzs Group for the nice thought, and approaches other sea mammoths to do same.

Review that Platforms Communications uncovered plans to respect Best Graduating Maritime Students for 2016/2017 scholarly session in the accompanying sea and transport related investigations:

Best Graduated Marine Engineering Student 2017

Best Graduated Nautical Science Student 2017

III. Best Graduated Admiralty Law Student 2017

Best Graduated Female Maritime Student 2017.

Best Graduated Shipping Management Student 2017

Best Graduated Maritime Transport and Business Studies 2017

VII. Best Graduated Transport Management Student 2017.

VIII. Best Graduated Fisheries Management Student 2017.

General Best Graduated Maritime Student 2017.

Convener of the Conference, Mr. Sylvanus Obasi said the Best Graduated Maritime Students Awards is an idea which intends to invigorate solid scholarly rivalry among Nigerian Maritime understudies.

He approached different expert gatherings in the division, government organizations, oceanic goliaths and great energetic Individuals to utilize the chance to support remarkable scholastic execution by compensating the champs with money gifts, programmed work or grant for additionally thinks about.

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