Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko

The newly appointed National Vice President South West Seaport  of the National Association of Government  Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko has called on all and sundry to join hands to build NAGAFF to an amiable height.

Alhaji Tanko who contested the Apapa chapter election but lost is now appointed the Vice president south West seaport of the association, said, the only way forward is for the great association to join hands and move the association  forward.
”I for one,  I hold nothing against anybody rather all we need now is how to move NAGAFF forward. So let everybody join hands together let us move the association forward because  NAGAFF will continue to move forward as one big happy family. The election has come and gone. There is no winner, no loser and we are again working as one. That is what the slogan of the association entails NAGAFF one big happy family. So there is no division in NAGAFF. And anybody that tries to bring division in NAGAFF GOD Himself will intervene. For me,  Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko,  I have forgotten everything about the election. All I need now and that is what I am working on is how to move NAGAFF forward, ” he concluded.

Tanko who is now appointed the National Vice President South West Seaport of the association was of the opinion that  he will soon constitute a task force that will help put things in  order at the seaports within the zone. Saying that he has a great plans and programmes for the members of   NAGAFF Western zone.

The national vice president south west seaport said this in an interaction  with The Emperor newspaper in his office in Apapa Lagos recently.
According to Tanko ,  I have plans and programmes for my chapters and members under the western zone. And as a leader, you know, anything or plan you have must be for the the interest of the members and the association.
In most of the things you do, you must look at how it concerns the freight forwarders and how we can come in to solve the problems for them.

”I am still looking at how to come into most of these challenges we have at the ports. For instance, now that we are in NICES Two, because in any new system, there is always some challenges. Now at the ports,  we see strike force, we see the police, we see NAFDAC, we see the SON and the Apapa traffic gridlock.
So I am so concern on how we can see what to do.  If we can constitute our own task force so that we will  be able to checkmate  all areas within the western ports.  And  if there is any issue that we are going to handle, just like the issue of gate pass or what is it called  at PTML presently. If we don’t  have such passes, we  will not pass.  And we are looking at how we can have  a meeting with the management of PTML so that we can get even if it is five of such passes for our executives.”
Still on the cards,  he said, they are meant for executives only, not for individual members.
”The cards are meant for executives like the chapter chairmen and the national executives like us.”

Commenting on his new role as the national vice president South West Seaport,  Alhaji Tanko came up with the opinion that things will kick off immediately he convenes a meeting with the newly elected chapter chairmen.
”I have not call for a meeting of the chairmen. I will call for such a meeting. We were just given the appointment letters. I will call them together and hear from them and be able to know their various problems and  challenges and then know how we can come in.”

One of the things he said were of great important to him are  the interest and welfare of the freight forwarders operating at the ports.
He said,   ”My major concern for now is the interest of the members in the zone and that of NAGAFF as a group. Another thing is we will want to partner and collaborate with our sister associations like ANLCA but for the newly elected ANLCA national executives,  we have not yet known their plans and programmes.  We are watching.  But let us wait until we have our meeting. I will soon call for that meeting.”

On the CRFFN election coming up this month, which the voting pattern is still not yet sure, he said NAGAFF is well prepared for the election and has been sensitizing it members on the need to register and participate in the election.
He further stated: ”Let me tell you,  when you are talking of corporate body, we are talking about legal entity or a registered company, which ordinarily should have personnel operating it. And it is those individuals that constitute what is known as freight forwarders who are to be trained vote and be voted . Are you now saying that a corporate body should go and vote ? It is a wrong impression. Is it not  persons that make up clearing agents or freight forwarders?”
Tanko pointed out that NAGAFF as an advocacy group has over the years being on the course of championing  professionalizing  the freight forwarding subsector of the economic,  saying also that it is persons that are being professionalized not companies.

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