Woman Arrested For Burning Her Daughter

The Lagos State Police Command is exploring an instance of child abuse revealed by Chosen Child Orphanage Home, situated at Gastya Estate, Ijora-Badia for Aishat Sheriff, a 16-year-old young lady teenager whose upper and lower right appendages were supposedly scorched by her natural mother, one Ayo Sheriff, 30 years of age, by methods for electric squeezing iron over minor misconception.

What prompted the mishandle was that the casualty, who was an secondary school student and also a part time student nurse in auxiliary capacity, was given the total of five hundred Naira by her manager with a direction to hand two hundred Naira to somebody on her way home, utilize fifty Naira as transport charge and restore the adjust of two hundred and fifty to her supervisor the following day.

Be that as it may, on the day she should restore the adjust of the cash to her manager, the casualty defaulted. She disclosed to her manager that the cash was with her mom.

The manager called her mom on the telephone and she prevented information from claiming the cash.

At the point when the casualty returned home from work, her mom who was at that point sitting tight for her, stopped an electric iron and held up until the point that it was intensely hot.

At this stage, she utilized the intensely hot iron to welcome her little girl home, blaming her for being a disrespect to the family.

The CP Lagos was miffed at seeing the awful injuries dispensed on a kid by her mom. He in this manner approached guardians to revise their kids in affection.

He said the rate at which instances of aggressive behavior at home is expanding is presently a wellspring of worry to the Command.

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