Lady Dies Of Epilepsy in Anambra While  Fecthing water

A middle aged lady on Wednesday lost her life while drawing water from a well in her compound at Ogechukwu road, Awka, the Anambra State capital.

The perished, who was said to be epileptic patient, had gone into a fit while bringing water from the well, tossing her into it, bringing about her passing.

Just recognized as Ifenyinwa, the perished was a local of Ugbenu in Awka North nearby government territory of the state.

The perished, who is an insignificant dealer, kicked the bucket at around 7 am Wednesday morning when she was brought out of the well.

A portion of the occupants in the territory, who depicted the episode as lamentable, said she was endeavoring to draw water from the well with a rope when the fit all of a sudden assumed control over her, tossing her into the well.

An inhabitant of the region, who gave her name as Justina, faulted the occurrence for her relatives and neighbors, saying they ought not have enabled her to bring the water herself as her wellbeing condition was extremely outstanding to individuals around.

“She won’t not have kicked the bucket that way on the off chance that she had been helped to get the water,” she bemoaned.

Another neighbor, who favored secrecy, expelled the claim by the previous, saying the expired had been bringing water from the well all during that time she lived in the compound.

“That was not the first occasion when she got water from the well. Despite the fact that she experienced epilepsy, she had been occupied with some different monotonous exercises, including going to town markets where she acquired the organic products she sold.

“I think she was simply bound to kick the bucket today. If not, she could have effectively gotten the water the way she had constantly done,” he said.

The carcass was said to have been safeguarded by a specialist swimmer who bounced into the well with the help of a rope attached to a step.

Our journalist who went to the scene of the occurrence, reports that inhabitants of the zone and different sympathizers were seen at the compound, communicating stun over the episode and in addition reassuring the group of the dead one.

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