…Exonerates Self From Extortions From Truckers

The Port Police Command (PPC) has offered on the experts to go to their guide to do everything conceivable to expand their operational zones inside the port group, as that will help characterize their activity, know zones of restrictions, likewise make their activity simpler while helping them to work exceptionally well to the desires of the partners in the oceanic business.

They likewise said the officers and men of the charge are not in any case engaged with such grimy exercises of blackmail or gathering monies from truck drivers working inside Apapa zone and will never be associated with such acts of neglect at the ports.

This interest was made on Thursday by the Port Authority Police Commissioner, CP, Celestine Okoye when the officials individuals from the Federated Maritime Media Chapel (FMMC) paid him a politeness visit in his office at Apapa, Lagos.

As indicated by Okoye, so if our operational ward will expanded, at that point it will help us to work inside these territories that are outside the port door. Take a gander at where the port entryway is, that is the place our activists closes. Our obligations are to secure the offices, ensure lives and property including the earth. Be that as it may, individuals will pointlessly accept, charge us, and censure us for anything that occurs in the entire of Apapa people group.

CP alluding to the Thursday fracas at Tin Can port, additionally questioned: ”How would something be able to occur in Trinity and they are coming up to Tin Can to pulverize things, saying it is port police when we don’t know anything about it?”

Talking about the Thursday Morning episode at Tin Can port, where lowlifes raced to assault the port cops appended to Tin Can port dishonestly, he said such false charges against them are getting excessively. ”The seats, tables, and shades my officers were utilizing to control activity into the port were altogether devastated by these individuals. In any case, when I was told, I instructed them to quiet down. The vast majority of these spots have a place with Lagos State Police Command not Port police order not us. Yet, to the extent the general population are concerned, it is port police.”

Absolving the port police of the different affirmations encompassing the gathering of toll entryway expenses, issuing for tickets and the charge of coercion of truckers at the ports, the CP disassociated his officers and men from such, saying, they don’t know anything about such unlawful exercises going ahead at the ports.

”There was even a false report at some point that we are gathering monies running from N25,000 to N30,000 from each truck drivers. Indeed, from each truck that passes. That individual detailed that we are making over N2 million on everyday schedule from these accumulations. What’s more, I stated, ah! on the off chance that I am making such sum as they guaranteed inside two months, I would have turned out to be enormous man and may have chosen to leave. Indeed, even around then, I need to call the previous NPA’s General Manager (GM) Security to disclose to me on the off chance that they are profiting and I don’t have the foggiest idea. Mine at that point was to discover and on the off chance that I discover, and I will uncover everyone. You can’t place me into inconvenience for profiting while I will look. I inquired as to why are you doing this to me and he said then that there was in no way like that. Be that as it may, some individual picked his pen and paper and compose such about claim against me. What’s more, if experts in Abuja hear this, they will state eh Okoye …”

Okoye likewise faulted the whole oceanic industry partners for not including or welcoming them when meeting, social occasions, or occasions that can profit them the chances to communicated and clear themselves of these affirmations come up.

”At some point, partners do things they do exclude us even the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA).”

The CP, who told the meeting FMMC official individuals that he rejected working from Marina however favors working from Apapa, where things are occurring in light of the fact that he is a field and an operational man notwithstanding when his forerunners did as such, educating further that his present office is implied for Area Commander.

On the difficulties confronting them during the time spent executing their official obligations, the CP emphasized that their significant test was the means by which to tell individuals that a large portion of the territories individuals attribute to them as their regions of activity are not some portion of operational purview.

”We have a considerable measure of difficulties. Most a times, the zones we work are not our ward. I know you will accept that every one of the zones have a place with us. Territories like Burma street and other connecting streets in Apapa, they are under Lagos State Command of the Nigerian Police. Our purview closes at the port door. Be that as it may, now and then we expand our works past there. This is for us to make rational soundness inside the port group. So all different spots are under Lagos State Command. Those spots where Mr Big is, Burma street intersection and so on, they are for Lagos State Command. So most a times people port police wrongly supposing they are the ones accountable for these zones without realizing that it isn’t we yet Lagos police summon.

A few times as well, you see us attempting to synergize with them just to make rational soundness inside the framework so we move together,” the CP said.

The meeting FMMC

officials drove by Chief George Umunnkwewhile expressing the purpose behind their visit noticed that the FMMC, as an arm of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), and it is the umbrella body of all the oceanic writers covering sea beat.

Umunnakweassured the port police of the collaboration support of the sea squeeze illuminating them of the continuous arrangement to sterilize the whole sea media to guarantee that the nobility and past grandness of the calling is reestablished back.

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