Active ANLCA President says he raised N120m For Association’s Secretariat

The President, National Association of Nigeria Lincensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) Prince Olayiwola Shittu has clarified his trial as President of ANLCA, the highpoints, challenges and additionally the defaming. Does Shittu have any second thoughts as President of ANLCA? Were there times he needed to stop? How could he motivate N120million to buy the land for ANLCA national secretariat? Discover the appropriate responses in this exciting meeting.


As you plan to move to one side as ANLCA President, what might portray as the impressions you are abandoning?

Give me a chance to begin from the earliest starting point of my residency as President of ANLCA before talking about the present level of takeoff. Keep in mind the last justly chose president before mine, was Ernest Elochukwu in the vicinity of 2004 and 2008. When he was leaving he arranged another constitution for the relationship; preceding that time I had left as National Publicity Secretary. I didn’t serve in his residency yet I was dependably there and he depended such a great amount on me for counsel and that is the reason he could have any kind of effect from the Kamba period. You recollect when Kamba left the situation being what it is that we as a whole know, Okocha was chosen yet he just burned through a half year in the wake of understanding the kind of individuals he was given the obligation to lead. He exited the position and the greater part of the things he fled from later came up amid our opportunity. At the point when Okocha left, Alhaji Aare Sanni Shittu was delegated in light of the fact that he was Okocha’s appointee. Mid-route into Alhaji Sanni’s opportunity, Mohammed was requested to supplant him and it was from Mohammed that Elochukwu developed in an all around challenged race. Elochukwu arranged a constitution before he exited and the constitution was later embraced.

ANLCA was an affiliation where the President spends his cash for fundamental things in the affiliation. This was an issue that drove numerous individuals move to one side and I additionally acquired this issue. The affiliation was constantly tossed out of its secretariat on the grounds that at whatever point the lease terminated, it turned into a difficult assignment to reimburse it. I review we were kicked-out of three distinct workplaces. Individuals were thinking about whether ANLCA could be a perfect proficient body particularly as CRFFN wasn’t existing around then. When my administrators went ahead board, many individuals were drained as they lost trust later on of the affiliation. The Board of Trustees (BoT) were not organized to be a piece of the officials, so as a BOT part you are exempted from every single official capacity. Keeping in mind the end goal to make the BOT important, they were partitioned into sections yet the BOT began utilizing their situations to urge the officials to do their offers particularly for monetary profits.

I knew from the beginning that I was acquiring an affiliation that was torpid. When I was chosen in April 2010, ANLCA was an affiliation that had no office, there was no fan; we were only ANLCA in name. Around then we involved a working in Surulere at Imam Dauda, yet we couldn’t pay the lease so the proprietor expelled the rooftop and rain beat every one of the reports in the premises. No one grumbled and the man later utilized hooligans to stop every one of our properties outside the premises. The situation resembled that for around a half year before I was chosen and I realized that the issue of secretariat must be one of the principal things to settle. The primary week after our decisions, we got a place for secretariat and I paid for that lease with my cash.

For the first year, all correspondence for ANLCA was taken to the Apapa office since individuals had acknowledged that the national body was not able keep up an office. I needed to construct the relationship from the scratch since no one viewed ANLCA as a significant body around then. ANLCA was viewed as a gathering of riff-raffs and hooligans. I knew the part of Customs intermediaries around the globe and I had a reasonable picture about the imperative polished skill in this activity. I realized that it was a remunerating calling, in the event that one slices his jacket as per his size.

One of the issues we had after the decisions was that we didn’t know our abilities. We had a gathering of individuals who may have known themselves in the business preceding the decisions however we didn’t have any acquaintance with each other’s capacities. This is one of the issues of vote based system, and it is one reason National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) is succeeding. The NAGAFF Founder, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam has remained the main thrust behind the affiliation. Kamba would have assumed a similar part for ANLCA however the disdain appeared in getting him off the beaten path made the man to pull back. Majority rules system makes a situation where individuals are forced on you. You need to work with the individuals who have been chosen independent of their lacks and powerlessness to take the necessary steps. You need an exceptional method for authority that enables you to convey everyone along. You can’t be a tyrant in ANLCA, just the BOT appreciates such benefit.

The constitution of ANLCA made a lacuna by asking the BOT individuals who aren’t individuals from the official, to choose the constituent body for all races, screen the races and oversee the races without the inclusion of the President. In this way, the constituent body doesn’t owe any devotion to the President and that is the worst thing about the issues in ANLCA today. For each endeavor to amend this lacuna amid my organization, we were being censured by the board. The National Executive Council (NEC) is the most noteworthy basic leadership organ at ANLCA, it comprises of the National President, National Executive Committee Members (NECOM), Board of Trustees (BOT) individuals and the Chapter administrators. The section administrators are more on the grounds that the affiliation is spread over the nation. We have 18 parts and one is really taking shape; when they accumulate these section administrators secure the enthusiasm of the BOT on the grounds that the BOT individuals are in charge of making the section officials. This dedication the section administrators pay to the BOT influences the President to resemble a figure head. The President’s part is simply to initiate these officers and that part has no impact on the grounds that after the decisions the President must introduce the champs.

You require a curious method for initiative to persuade the troops from the sections that you have an arrangement or a dream. People could tail me because on the grounds that I kept my trustworthiness. Keep in mind that amid the rule of Elochukwu there were three distinct groups of ANLCA, yet I was presented the distance from Port Harcourt to determine the distinctions in Lagos. I didn’t know around then that I would acquire this same ANLCA. Over the most recent eight years we haven’t known about any groups in ANLCA. At the point when individuals lose decisions we urge them to look for the protected procedure of change and furthermore go to court. In the past individuals have been undermined to be kicked-out of the affiliation in the event that they indicted issues yet I remained against this. In the event that the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria can ensure subjects the chance to look for change in court, for what reason should the constitution of an affiliation not do likewise? A few people didn’t locate this clever on the grounds that the controllers of ANLCA around then utilized it as a ploy to threaten individuals from the affiliation.

Inside the initial two years of my residency, all that I guaranteed had been accomplished. It was after that I responded to the call of obtaining a changeless national secretariat for the affiliation. Our residency finished in 2014 and we looked for re-race yet a similar gathering of individuals were still in the board on the grounds that the residency for BOT individuals is six years while that of administrators is four years. Along these lines, the board felt that we shouldn’t return however we were persuaded by the way that we had an incomplete task. After genuine political rivalry, a few individuals from the board went along with us and we could lead another race and returned in 2014 for the second residency which closes this year. That is my excursion as President of ANLCA more or less.


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